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I'm after a male border collie...
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I'm not after a fishing dog really... more of a family dog for the girls and something to bite people I don't like in my back garden.
I reckon getting a male just to even the odds up a bit.

what's the good oil, lads?
Very scary.
I like these buggers, wire griffon:
Reminds me of the drunks at the dives I frequent, so I figure they are mostly mellow with occasional, spontaneous episodes of misdirected rage.
Border Collies need a lot of exercise on a daily basis or else they will find ways to entertain themselves (see active thread "A Welcome Home Present"). Wicked intelligent and great dogs/family pets when the owner puts forth the effort to properly train and exercise them. They can be a little protective and aggressive with those outside the 'pack' when not properly socialized as well. Just like any other fucking dog I guess. Good luck and don't leave those fancy tying gloves laying about.
shunned wrote:I'm after a male border collie...
I'm not after a fishing dog really... more of a family dog for the girls and something to bite people I don't like in my back garden.
I reckon getting a male just to even the odds up a bit.

what's the good oil, lads?

had one miss the hell out of that dog
but sugar ate 3 capes, one pair of wading sandals
2 pairs of then wifes shoes,
a good weeks salary of dog toys

she will herd your girls, make sure they are good
super smart, highly energetic

u will be taking lots of walkies instead of tying
like a 10k kinda walk
I've seen some folks keep their border collies entertained by getting a goose for them the herd.
I had a male border last unless I become a sheepherder. He was a great loyal dog, and damn good with a frisbee. We had tons of various animals on 10 acres that he would herd into a corner for no reason. He may have been a lemon of a dog, because he did some freaky stuff.
When you turned on the hose .....or other high pitch(squeak squeak noise) he would run to his pecan tree of some figure 8's, jump and bite a low hanging branch(lost teeth in the process). He would bite a running chainsaw, he would bite smoke, motorcycle tires, go-cart tires, bikes, etc. He had been run over by many of these various things. For more than 10 years it was embarrassing to have friends over. He was a badass in many ways including running backwards at 25+ mph. Deep down I liked "Fletcher".... and he never hurt anyone but himself. Bless that old freak of nature.
Go ahead and get one :cool
I musta been djrunk last night not to call :bullshit

No way u have been good

The bc will drive u crazy but they are freaking magic
get one
Ah, Mitch, I hate to rain on anybodies dog parade, but there are two breeds that spook me off- border collies and terriers. That said, their only real problem is the energy level. My mantra is, A tired dog is a good dog. But I don't know that a human can tire a BC out. I walk my pups 3 - 5 miles a days- 45 min. to and hour and a half, mostly off the leash so they can really go, and I don't know that that would do it for a BC. Actually pretty sure it wouldn't. My uncle used them for years with his cattle, and when they weren't working, he had to keep them tied as they'd go herd on their own and run weight off the cattle.

That said, I have met some wonderful BCs. The benefit of buying a breed is that you can meet the parents- if they are more laid back, the offspring should be too. And I don't know that I've ever seen anyone talked out of the dog they have their heart set on.

My younger daughter (24) just got her own dog. After growing up with ours she couldn't imagine not having one.

Have fun- the girls will love you all the more for it. :cool
Hope you have a lot of land for a Border Collie.

Get a Brittany. Short haired if you can find one, they aren't bred they just sometimes pop out that way. Hard headed at first, but once you get them to come around to your way of thinking, smart and loyal as hell.

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