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By Donsbaitandtackle
In my haste to join the forum I apparently overlooked the forum etiquette and protocol. The realization of this error became all to apparent. I'll begin by stating I don't have a 5 wt rod, however I have a 5/6 Loop saltwater blue line series for afternoon tailing bonefish and calm summer redfishing.
Here's a fishing report from what's been going on in the last week here in South Florida. The tarpon have been moving in and out of the backcountry as the weather permits,. This scenario usually starts with the fish staging in Ponce Bay at the mouth of Shark River and as the conditions permit the push into Oyster Bay and farther into Whitewater Bay. When the wind picks up the fish usually don't push all the way back out, but simply lay low until the conditions calm down. If we get cooler night time temps. the fish will push all the way back out into the gulf and stage again till the conditions are more favorable for them to move back inside. This scenerion plays out in late winter and into spring until the condtions are such that they are permanently in the back until the water temps. get to high and they leave and join the migration along the banks in Florida Bay and eventually to the ocean flats in the keys.

With tarpon fever already starting to set in I thought this would be a good subject to redeem my prior mistake.
Here's an old picture Capt Rob Fordyce gave me of a fish he thought was over 200lbs.
[img][IMG] ... ordyce.jpg[/img][/img]
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By The Volfish
What should I consider for use on those poons in Shark River, live or dead? I'll be using an eleven weight so getting a finger mullet to turn over shouldn't be an issue. Thanks in advance.
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By Donsbaitandtackle
That's the great thing about living and fishing in South Florida we're not pigeonholed into fishing only one way. You can throught plugs, use live bait, or if you're a die hard fly fisherman like me who happens to service the entire fishing community through his shop you can fish an interm. line and dredge for them with large/ bulky all black, blk/purple, or blk/red zonker strip or hackle tail flies. At the end of the day it's about catching the fish of a life time.
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By berzerker
they are going to eat you alive here... do yourself a favor, go buy 1 gallon of gasoline, a dildo, some k-y jelly, anal -eze, and a bic lighter... before too long, someone is going to tell you to go fuck yourself and die in a fire.. jus sayin...
By Articulated Trico
Hey man, I don't know you and you don't know me? I am pretty sure like most folks we would get along. However, I am not digging your tact! I am not one to point fingers at newbs and give jabs about protocol of an intro post. I'm here for content! Whether that is for shits and giggles or someone share a life experience with a fly rod in tow. One stickler for me is when a dude puts his chest out and unloads names of rivers, bays, flats, banks, points, inlets, boca's, and tides. You might think that will get you a pat on the back and a cold one but that tact on the www serves to benefit no one! Especially the fish!
Try being a regular dude and come out from behind the counter!
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By Donsbaitandtackle
I thought it would be interesting to post general information and locations to provide a better idea as to how the fish move in and out of the backcountry so that readers have a better uderstanding how these fish migrate. As far as name dropping. Because you can't see who the picture is of and because of the size of the fish, I thought it would be appropriate to ackowledge the achievemnet of the individual.
By Articulated Trico
Dude, this ain't Florida Sportsmen!
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By Donsbaitandtackle
I apperiacte the hazing thing/newbie deal. It's all good. We've been around 60 years, we have a better fly tying material selection in our store than most fly shops, we've seen 5 fly shops go out of business in South,Fl, we endured a direct hit from a cat. 5 hurricane, and the worst economic melt down in current history. I can handle the hazing. Just here to provide this forum with some insight from South, Fl.
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do you have live mullet? :coffee
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By shunned
everybody here owes me at least $5 and I've not been weighed in... so not only are you wasting your time but everybody here as well.
I don't hold much water here but fuck off.

by the by... you still owe us a fiver, mate.

ta for trying,
By Surly
Do you advertise in the Drake, or are you a close personal friend of Nemo's?

:cool I concur with WB :cool

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