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By Hogleg

Just returned from 10 days down on Baja's East Cape, Sea of Cortez. A harsh yet beautiful land that's proof one doesn't need much in the way of material possessions to be happy. Some of the poorest and happiest people I've ever seen working their asses to the bone for nothing, smiling and laughing all the while.

The spirit of the trip was to escape the winter chill for awhile and perhaps get a shot at a Rooster on the fly. February is great for one and bad for the other. As it turned out though, I had my shot at Pappagallo but didn't have my shit together at that exact instant. The opportunity was long gone before I even knew it was there, so it goes. That's all I really needed though, just the anticipation, preparation, and the whole experience in that setting is the essence of it all and I'll return another day for another shot and have something to fill my dreams in the meanwhile.

Sunrises in Baja are heartbreaking
My Mother and Father-in-law spend the winters down there in a sort of rogue, primitive RV campground on the beach that the local fishermen are nice enough to share with them. They picked us up at the airport and my FIL handed me an ice cold Modelo the second we arrived at the truck for the two hour drive down to our campsite
MX Hwy 1 can be treacherous and not for the faint of heart, we were delayed a bit by this rat fuck but had plenty of cold beer to pass the time and watch the recovery operation. Fortunately it was Mexico so no hazmat bullshit, they got'er done and open in no time
We arrived to find our accomodations for the week to be quite adequate and well stocked with the essientials. Hielo is hard to come by in these parts and doesn't last long so the FIL arranged for a local to bring a block down to us from the nearest town every 2 or 3 days which was nice
My ride for beach fishing was pretty sweet, I think I put over a 100 miles on it
FIL took me out in his boat at sunrise several times. It ain't no Panga but it does the trick if it's calm, which it was mostly
Wifey learning the double haul with my new 8wt Xi2 (Thanks to Bearsfan and the assifieds)
The fishing wasn't so hot but there were some opportunities. None landed with the fly rod but a few trolling with gear wound up as fish tacos
We ate like kings and did most of the cooking outside, much of it over the iron wood and mesquite coals
Spent my 41st birthday down there and had NY strip and scallops cooked in butter with taters and onions. Oh yeah, and a small bit of Hornitos
We were invited up to an old working Ranchero for a meal that was un-fucking-believable and hospitality the likes of which I've never seen. We ate outside with the goats and chickens
The scenery alone is worth the trip
Part II coming up...[/report]
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By Trucha Del Mar
Hijole! Totalmente chingon!
By blue ridge angler
You suck big time... :cool
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By BearsFan
Sweet!! Tell me you got some corresponding shots of the 8wt. Would love to see that thing in action down there. (Thats what she said) Oh yeah, those sierra, good times and good eats.
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By Hogleg

Baja is full of life and apparently a lot of it ends up as DSFK. Never seen anything like it, could've taken 100's of pics of dead shit
Turtle eggs dug up and eaten by a dog or 'yote
Something killed off about eleventy billion of these Langostina's (tiny lobsters basically). They were strung out like this for about 4 miles
This dolphin or porpoise wasn't makin' out so good either
Smoking kills
These fuckers make a good livin' down there. I started wondering if I was about to croak because they followed me everywhere I went
I was assaulted by one of these while sleeping on the beach.
Check out the nose pickers on this dude
Lots of close encounters with whales, dolphins, bat rays, turtles and sea lions
We were down there on the night of the full moon so we built a big fire on the beach, roasted some dogs, did a little fishing and waited for it to rise. Little did we know it would be glowing bright orange when it came up over the water. 'Twas a religious experience. Pics do not do it justice as I was trying to stay in the moment and not dick with the shutter speed and such.
These two pics pretty much sum it all up- a soul warming experience that set my mind right and reminded me to not take the rat race so seriously.
I'll be back again, just not soon enough.[/report]
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By Carolina_Fly
Hogleg wrote: These two pics pretty much sum it all up- a soul warming experience that set my mind right and reminded me to not take the rat race so seriously.
Wise words. Thank you.

- Thomas
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By Bruiser
That was great. I've had one shot at a rooster in Costa Rica. After working my way up a river bank, I was walking back toward the ocean with my line all reeled up when gallo el grande appeared right in front of me, cruising up the bank. As I reached up to get my fly from the stripping guide the fish saw me, expanded, and spooked and that was it for my day.

Great photos and report :cool
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By fatman
Quality stuff, Hawg :smile
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By Ephemeral

Even cooler than the way you described it.

Thank you for the post man.

Glad you made it back safe,


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