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Willi wrote:Think that's the best sans fish, fishing trip report I've read.

100% agree :cool
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By jhnnythndr
Yeah, whatever. I missed you too sweetie. fuck. Glad you had so much fun, while I've been sitting here worried sick. did you at least wipe yor feet off before you came tromping in here getting sand on the carpet?
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By Oldog
great report

looks like a great experience

and you lived to tell about it!
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By m.b.
that's one of the best ones i've seen in a while.

but with ice issues like that you guys need a yeti.


my record so far is 9 days...
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By texican
Great report man! Cheers to the FIL for readying the cooler for your trip and tossing y a roadie! Awesome pix!
By thalweg
Hell yeah hogleg! That is my kind of party right there.
Thanks for warming it up.
By Truchero
Top-shelf shit, Hog. Amazing pictures. :cool :cool
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By castingoutloud
Great stuff Hog.
BTW my sister in law was looking for this word "Langostina's "
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By Gremlin
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By Bad Fish
Thanks man, I needed that. It's -5 outside as I type, been Jones'n for some sun and sand for a while now.
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By Big Oil
Best TR on the Board in a long ass time!!! I'm curious though...Are they not having the same issues with the cartels riding herd on everyone/everything in Baja like is happening here on the TEXICAN border?

:cool I concur with WB :cool

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