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Just when I was starting to think about exploring some place else - you have to go and post that to lure me back down there, pure awesomeness :cool

Safe travels north.
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By Walter
wow....thats all I can come up with after that.

Also you should commission Mr. Bob White to paint that last fish picture (third to last photo) and you could call it "Sunburnt hand - Rainbow Trout"

Bob, whatcha think?
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Meatwad wrote:Image

Fantastic! And I love that watch... Hamilton?
Glad you guys enjoyed it. The watch? Nothing crazy, its a Bertucci. 100 bucks or so. :cool
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Easy Skankin wrote:Damn dude, I can almost hear the line tearing off the water on that hook set. Shes a beaut Clark! :cool
When I first read this, I thought the Clark reference was a one liner from lampoons "Vacation", or the like. But since another Drakian asked, in the interest of accuracy, no, I am not Clark. :cool

:cool I concur with WB :cool

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