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By peetso
[report]The father-in-law is in a hell of a battle for his life right now. A ruptured appendix led to a perforated colon which led to septic shock which led to a heart attack.

During last nights surgery they found cancer in his bowel. They removed what they could, but he hasn't recovered and is fading fast. They're going back in to see if they missed something, he's in emergency surgery right now. The odds are not good and doctors have told us all to prepare for the worst.

Looking for all the good juju you guys can send North.

This is him back in the backcountry of Southern Alberta some 60+ years ago.[/report]
Best to you and your family. Thank you for the journey. Good luck-Kfox
JuJu sent :bow
All the good Juju I can muster heading your way brother.
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My best to your family Peetso.
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