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By fishpimp
Thanks fellas. At some point I'll sell knives... The reason I got into this was I didn't wanna pay for a custom knife. So mine will be priced accordingly...
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By Da Ax

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By fishpimp
Bump....Kish? Comment?
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By kish
Only made one knife in the last few months. Too much summer shit going on. Good summer shit like fishing and drinking, and bad summer shit like mowing the fucking yard. My daughter is doing my logo, website, and business plan as part of her masters program. Should hit it hard again in the fall.

How about you, Pimp? Been grinding lately?
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By Spicytuna
I can't have fancy knives.

I have had two kershaws, I completely lost one and the other is MIA hoping to be found in an old gear bag or backpack.

Makes me sad cause I want to have to good knives but lose them to much to validate it.

You guys live it up with your fancy blades you earned it.
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By fishpimp
Soon, same as you... :cool
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By austrotard
exactly what I wanted on this glorious day. :cheer


small things make my hands look big.

so I've got that going for me.
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By fatman
austrotard wrote:exactly what I wanted on this glorious day. :cheer


small things make my hands look big.

so I've got that going for me.

at what age do they allow you a real knife? :wink

HBD, cunt
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By Redchaser
Hey dudes, I've got about $80 in Amazon certificates to spend and am thinking about blowing it on a knife that I don't need. Any recommendations in that price range? I've never had a Spyderco and am thinking strongly about that, but am open to other ideas.
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By flashback
Spyderco good, benchmade good. Be sure of country of origin, Spyderco is making a lot of knives in China, I'm personally not impressed with the design of the ones from China I have seen. Look carefully at handle material and design, some coming out recently are too wide for my taste, some are almost getting too thin also, both make it difficult to operate the knife with one hand. Some handles are just the wrong texture. My opinion only.
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By rampant
I think the answer would depend on what you want to use the knife for? fishing hunting/skinning or general purpose around camping? Most knives/blades will be better suited to a different application.
I reckon Mitch has one suited for circumcision. :coffee
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