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By Kujo
Just thought I would let everyone know that Fishlore lost his father this morning to a massive heart attack! I'm sure he would appreciate any thoughts and prayers sent his way. Gary had a pole in Brad's hand as soon as he could I know this is going to be very hard on him! Thanks!
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By tailchaser
I hope him and his family are ok.
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By fatman
damn, that's rough.

thoughts and prayers :bow
Will be in our thoughts, losing one's Dad is a toughie under any circumstances.
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By jerms
Truly sorry to hear. My condolences to Fishlore and family.
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By Mad_Mike
Damn.. I'll have to give him a shout, thats fucked... Thoughts and prayers go out, I can't imagine that shit..
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By woolly bugger
sorry for your loss, sips poured, prayer wheel spun.
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By _9er
Thoughts and prayers sent.

Loosing a father is one of the hardest things in life. Condolences.
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By ncguy
Condolences. Prayers going up. Sip will be poured tonight.
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