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By fishskibum
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By markl
That was AWESOME! I love the variety. And, to do it with a partner in crime is fantastic and wise. As for me, my partner in crime revels in the days I take off and pound water to a froth all on my own. So, jealous ;)
Keep sharing from the land of the flat and round.
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By Average Joe
Went in search of steelhead last week. It played out as expected. Lots of casting practice. No fish were harmed.

Yurt life.
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Worthless shit.
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One star.
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Residue of a good trip.
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Cheers boys.

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By fatman
that ticket may have been the least expensive part of the trip, food quality was at least two stars. :smile
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By woolly bugger
so to clarify, you just have to purchase an annual parking pass for $30? ...
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By Average Joe
woolly bugger wrote: Sun Sep 19, 2021 10:01 am so to clarify, you just have to purchase an annual parking pass for $30? ...
That and pay a $30 dismissal fee, which did not sit well with Neil. We'd paid the parking fee but had incorrectly displayed the receipt on the dash. He called the next day, and after letting one of the agents know just how displeased he was, the violation was dismissed.
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By McH
You make not catching fish look pretty excellent.
Mind sharing the details on that pizza oven???

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By Average Joe
McH wrote: Tue Sep 21, 2021 8:14 am Mind sharing the details on that pizza oven???
Not at all.

The pizza oven is made by Camp Chef. It’s just a box with a pizza stone inside. ... urner.html

You need to put it on top of a propane stove to heat it up. I use this one. It comes with a grill box.

I also have a Camp Chef griddle. It comes in handy for breakfasts, burgers, etc. ... /q/griddle

I keep the stove on the patio when I’m not fishing. Use it 2-3 times a week. Just throw on the appropriate attachment depending on what I’m cooking and go to it. I’ve been happy with it.
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By McH
:cool :cool
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