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Bear River Boomer wrote:
Hogleg wrote:I'm no mathmetician mind you, but by my count you have 10,842. Might as well stick around for another 5K or so...
You have to add up all of his aliases. He first started as Mitch and went about trying to get banned. He said anything and posted everything. I think he actually got banned at some point, hence shunned was born. Then he came up with Mitch aka 2 fish so he could argue with himself at 4am. Since everyone stateside wouldnt argue with a drunk Austrian that early in the morning. Over ten thousand posts and I still can't tell you if he fishes or not. I think that should be the next requirement for noobs; post a pic of Mitchy actually fishing.
I have fished with a swell fella from Austria named 2fish... but i've never heard of this Mitch fella you speak of...
A boxer with tats= inski. Some dude wearing tweed to hunt tiny troots= questionable. 10K posts on teh suk = fail. So I guess that makes a C grade, which passes. Welcome! Better than wildhairupmyass.
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