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By Smithhammer
No worries, Jed - the jury is still out on C*cksucker of the Year, and the "poll" function on this site has been sorely underutilized. You've still got a chance. Right now the list is:Senator Larry Craig (R. ID)Rep. Richard Pombo (R. CA.)JedAny other suggestions? Poll goes up tomorrow.* Despite overwhelming popular opinion, as the creator of the poll, I'm not elegible.
By Brookwookie
Sorry Jed. Here are the positions that are currently open:Asshatn Buzzkilln Crick Hippien Giant Douchen Dadn Zealotn Worm Dunkern Samaritann Titanic DickheadGood luck!
By satan
Originally posted by flyfisheraa573:n How about this one.Dear Senator Cocksucker,I hope you burn in hell, with God watching!Sincerely,(That God bit may be a little too harsh, but the burning in hell was probably a bit light)
I don't know about God, but I'll be enjoying the show. I've got a special spot for him right next to the reverend. ;) Hope you like the heat, senator.Lucifer
By Deerhawk
I just sent Larry a blistering E. Ill keep you posted as to the response :coffee:
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By slavetotheflyrod
It seems like a disturbing trend is developing in our country where we seem to be having a daily war between science and ignorance, and with shocking regularity ignorance seems to be winning some major battles. See folks the problem with all this is that such actions are the spawn of politics, and politics spawns politicians, who in turn exist solely for the benefit of a small minority (cheifly, themselves). Nowthen, what these dumbfucks fail to recognize is that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. I think somone famous said that, maybee Yogi Berra. See just like matter has anti matter, the small minority that currently drives political discourse to the end result of their enrichment is mirrored by their anti minority. These cocksuckers make the mistake in believing in a system that can fail to exist in a heartbeat, when their antiminority realizes that true political action grows not out of a ballot box but from the barrel of a rifle. All I have to say to these assholes is "Read your history books you ignorant cocksuckers" as we are doomed to repeat history and those who disagree with that are doomed to end up in somones rifle sights when the day of reckoning arrives. And since were on the subject of cocksucker of the year how bout El Presidente. While his actions seem to place him in a category far past the definition of cocksucker, I do think he should be included.
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By BigTimber
Mister Slave,Why do you have so much anger towards the President? It makes no difference to me what you like and dislike. It is a free country after all. I just hope you are not following the herd of media sheep that do nothing but push their own political agendas rather than reporting on real news. Just because some a-hole said it on TV, or even wrote it in some faggot rag, doesn't mean that it is the truth and the only truth. Please be informed and make up your own mind instead of taking the easy way out and jump on the band wagon of mindless idiots.n Ben
By Brookwookie
Originally posted by flyfish1159:n Please be informed and make up your own mind instead of taking the easy way out and jump on the band wagon of mindless idiots.n Ben
But remember, if you do decide to jump on the mindless idiot bandwagon, the Preznit will be there to help you up.
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By BigTimber
We can dream can't we. "Harumph, harumph, harumph......hey I didn't get a harumph out of that guy."
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By FliesOnly
For that matter, just include EVERY president as they are ALL politicians out to PUSH their own political agendas. It is not just the media doing the screwing...err pushing. They all freakin lie-fact of life :mad: .....My nomination is for the USFS and the mining company that want to drill in the Mason Tract on the South Branch of the AuSable here in MI. George Mason gave the state thousands of acres of land to be kept in perpetuity after his passing which happen to surround some of the best water in this state. Friggin Cocksuckers! Image
By tom
I'm surprised some insane steelheader (is there any other kind?) Hasn't played suicide bomber on one of those dams. In no way would I endorse it, I'm just surprised it hasn't happened.
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