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By Creekweed
Well, speaking of cocksuckers here is a whole corporation of them (don't guess there's really any other kind).n ... 9/Home.htmBy the way, ignorance is not these people's problem. Being ignorant of a fact means you don't know about it. These assholes know what they're doing, they just don't care as long as they get the big money.
By Deerhawk
Bumpitybumpbump :p n Looks like our little friend realy WAS :eek:
By coloradicus
I wonder where Rooster is? Didn't he venture off on some big ole world travelling adventure? Would love a report on that.
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By LuckyBastard
Hi guys.My vote for Cocksucker of the year would have to be Shunned (Mitch aka 2 fish)He sucks cock with the best of them.What a Fucktard.
By Fishpaw
Yes indeed a great bump. Rap I laughed my ass off watching that clip when he says "A nasty, bad, naughty boy". Guess the Senator knows a few nasty boys (allegedly of course). I wonder if the good Senator Craig believes in Karma?
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By shutupandfish
Smart...Egg him the fuck on Surely, someone pulled the string in her back that made her say something this stupid. Still, the blame must fall to her, which is why Frances Fragos Townsend is the Cocksucker of the Week. :p :p

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By $tatutory Rap
Osama may be impotent but what kind of freak picks up toilet paper off the floor of an airport bathroom, doesn't he know what goes on in there?

<small>[ September 10, 2007, 07:29 PM: Message edited by: $tatutory Rap ]</small>
By Fishpaw
Agreed SUAF. And while the current administration maintains they have Osama hiding out in a cave others feel differently… The consensus of the top U.S. intelligence analysts is that bin Laden's terrorist network is anything but impotent. Rap - It appears that the Senator knows all about what goes on in that particular men's room. :eek:
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By stonedfly
ImageI'd do her. Republican chicks get freaky in the bed room.
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By shutupandfish
Yup, she's probably a straight up panther in the sack. Completely out of context, Stoned, but that was a fine NZ steelie post, complete with smattering of Wilco lyrics.FP, Totally agree. And why take the chance of pissing off a fanatic who, no matter what you think of him, succeeded spectacularly in attacking the homeland. As someone who commutes in and out of NY everyday, I'd like to see some Tom Ridge - brand duct tape secured across Franny Townsend's mouth. ;) Over n out.

<small>[ September 11, 2007, 06:30 PM: Message edited by: shutupandfish ]</small>
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