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Just got back from a couple of days in the wop-wops, and came home to see this.

Jerms, you're growth as a photographer is astounding.

The weather was shit, no doubt. We did have a day where Jerms and I prolly hooked 6 or 7 fish, but I stuffed up the landing of most of the fish by being a bit of a slacker. But weather like we had is exactly why I tell folks to come to NZ for more than a week if ya can, and roll with the weather. You guys did that and it looks like you found some good water further north.

Great seeing you again Jerms, and it was a pleasure to meet Lucas and his mrs. :cool
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By Lurgee
By BobLoblaw
That is a little bit of alright; great camera work, Jerms (& Lucas).
Thanks for that...
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By CarpeTructa
So, I saw this posted last night, noticed the poster, the location in the subject line and the number of replies and I knew it would be a good one. Rather than view it through bleary eyes, I decided to wait for morning so I could enjoy it with a cup of coffee. It was worth the wait. Thanks for putting it together.
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By Merkin
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