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By fatman
yup :smile
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By davesnothere
Congratulations! :cool Beautiful fish.
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By Yard Sale
Excellent job conveying the stoke! Congrats man.
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By Bobwhite
Don't know how I missed this TR...

Perfection... thanks for that!
By BobLoblaw
That right there?
That's the good stuff!
Beats my pike through the ice seven ways from Sunday...
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By ak_powder_monkey
That's awesome...!

Reminds me of the Geirlac story where he and his (grand?)kid double on permit, the kid just walks over to the second one and throws a crazy charlie, game on.

Anyway congrats! Fish of a lifetime right there!

If permit are anything like steelhead... I would stop right now.
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By BigTimber
AK, you haven't checked out the local board question thread have you? :coffee
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