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By Surly
Originally posted by tim_s:n surprised....gary seems pretty on the ball, he is a decent enough guymy guess: he's been busy with the re-launch of granger/LLB rods, but that is no excuse....
And I had only heard good things about Gary. That is why I choose to send the rod to him. Okay, so he gets really busy. That's understandable. Just say, "sorry, I can't get to your rod. You might want someone else to do it for you." Instead, being repeatedly promised that it'll be done in a week? That's what pisses me off.
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By Adams
I'd threaten first Image And if that didn't get anywhere, consider going medieval. Image Good luck.Adams
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By Jon
Nick - I know where he lives...."Uncle" Bruce B. stopped by last year with a ferrule problem (5 minute fix) and saw Joe peeking out the curtains but he wouldn't answer the door. It's not smart to get on Bruce's bad side. :gun:
By Surly
Finally heard this morning that the rod has been repaired, and will ship on Monday. I sure hope so...
By grangerbamboo
Surly;n The rod you are talking about did not come to me from you.It came from Wayne.Until a few days ago I did not know who you were except that you wanted me to ship you Waynes rod and that was not going to happen without Wayne telling me to. There are way to many scams going on and I delete anything that looks like it.By the way I assume we are talking about the same rod because Wayne still has not told me if you own the rod or not.The old ferrule had to be cut off. I made a new one from bar stock and tubing.n Gary
By Surly
Gary-Wayne received the rod on Friday, thank you.I am responding via email...
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By munnster
All purveyors of shitty customer service beware when the Drake BBBBB (Better Business Bureau Bulletin Board) rears its ugly head. I know firsthand of the JK to whom tim_s refers...
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