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By P-A
Randall Dee wrote:
P-A wrote:You can do the talk now brother but can you do the walk.......
:cheer :cool :cool
Oh......I can walk for miles or kilometers, what ever. :cool

You owe me a new screen man, beer all over!! hahahahaha!!
I am quite certain you can do the walk in that perspective...
:cheer :cool
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By Pedorro
So the lurker doesn't like the way Drakiens speak to underachieving newbs so he cracks out his best potty mouth and lets her fly.
Is that how you speak to people who don't see things your way?....Exactly, agreed!
You can see the irony here right? Potty mouth. I would think that a self righteous gentleman like yourself would find a less pedestrian way to voice his opinions.
You sound like you might fit right in here, but you didn't bring the goods so sorry.

If you've been here any length of time end enjoyed reading those trip reports etc. and have decided not to contribute, then you sir are a taker rather than a giver, and you are talking trash to the same people who's reports you so appreciate.

Didn't you notice this democracy at work? A legit and respected member voiced a legit concern, people bantered it around and it would appear that the majority ruled. They didn't hang him for bringing it up. Who the fuck are you? You count for shit.

Every lurker has three choices: Continue to lurk and STFU, Join in and by making a decent effort, or GTFO and quit visiting.
My guess is that you will join the hundreds who continue to lurk every day and STFU because there is some good shit here and you don't want to miss out. Since you have added nothing to the SUK since finding it why should you open your mouth now that you don't like something. Hypocrite. Put up or shut up.

Having said that, you are welcome to post your intro none the less....Without prejudice....truly. Just stop the swearing, gosh!
:coffee your audience awaits.
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By Redchaser
Wow NTFINFO managed a total intro fail and world class meltdown all in his first post. Wonder what he'll do for an encore
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By Tailer
Crick Addict wrote:I 'm a 7 year drake vet. The perks are unbelievable! Tom only charges
me "5 bucks " for the drake rag...ah...the good life. :coffee
What! Fucker charges me $10 and still never delivers it!
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By Bobwhite
Pedorro wrote:Didn't you notice this democracy at work? A legit and respected member voiced a legit concern, people bantered it around and it would appear that the majority ruled. They didn't hang him for bringing it up. Who the fuck are you? You count for shit.

Every lurker has three choices: Continue to lurk and STFU, Join in and by making a decent effort, or GTFO and quit visiting. Put up or shut up.
Pedorro, my sincere apologies for paraphrasing your eloquent response to, NTFINFO, the vitriolic hypocrite...

"You count for shit." I think, says it best.

Thank you, and please carry on.
I come here to read and enjoy some TR's from exotic places I know I will probably never have the means or chance to travel to and to see photographs of the scenery, fish, and wildlife from places all over the country and world, and for that I say thanks.

When it comes to siting around a web based campfire such as the Drake, it sickens me to see how some of the members treat others here, and of course the new members. Seems more important to have a huge forum post count around here then anything else. Man if your post count is in the thousands you must be one hell of a fly fisherman. In fact, if you're close to 10,000 or more posts, you're probably a God (dog) in the eyes of some here. Never mind the fact to reach such a goal you must be doing nothing else but logging on to the site all fucking day long. And when you're post count reaches into the thousands, you must/have to be the best at all aspects of the sport of fly fishing. After all, you certainly let everyone know just how bitchen you are. You know the type of guys that think they have the best gear, know the best spots, know the best guides, are the best fly tiers/rod builders known to man. And act like your TR aint shit compared to what they did last week. The same guys that interrupt someone in mid conversation and say "you should have been there yesterday." These are the same type of guys here that say, get your post count up on the Drake and you'll become a way better fly fisherman. You know the guys that won't let you even get a word in edge wise during a conversation because it's all about them and their Drakian cronies.

You're the same fucks that bag on the one guy who started the whole fucking thing/magazine. But shamelessly, his post count is a little lower then some of the real fly fisherman here, because he has to run a fucking business. Some of you fucks can only criticize the founder for which the forum and magazine was established. Oh BTW get your post count up on the Drake or else you will be told how shitty your business is running and that your articles, illustrations, editing, content, advertising, photography and you and your business partner suck. You know why? Because you're just not as bitchen as the guys who have thousands and thousands of nonsensical, know it all posts on a fly fishing forum.

You're the same fucks that rip on guys who make a living and enjoy doing what they do as a job by working at a fly shop. Because the guy behind the counter didn't give you his secret spot when you told him what your post count was on the Drake. Kneel you poor simple fuck behind the counter to the all mighty Drakian with thousands of posts. Don't you know who I am, you miserable fucking peasant? I'm from the Drake forum, with thousands of thousands of posts. Off with his fucking head. Oh yeah, you over there in the corner, where is your secret spot? WHAT, DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM? F-off!

And all you drama queens with your fucking verbal judo on the who, what, where, when, how and why reports on traveling across the country to meet a fellow forum members at a particular park to kick his ass. Oh and BTW get your post count up pussy, or I'll kick your ass from behind my computer screen. Didn't I tell you to get your fucking post count up? Jeezz what a Fag. I mean really get your post count up before you begin to mention a word around here, GTFO. "Can you guys believe this new dip shit has the nerve to interrupt our not so secret society by posting some pictures of wild fish, scenery, wildlife and brief narrative of his meaningless small adventure." "WOW what a fucking dick this new guy seems to be." "I got an idea, let's rip the shit out of the guys trip report because after all, he only has a few post under his belt." PM's sent to like minded Drakians. "Way to go guys we're all sooooo bitchen and because are post count is in the thousands, we are all way better fly fisherman then that new dick head." "There is no way any of us Mega Posters can ever learn anything from a fucking new guy." "Ya I know what a moron." "Hands in the middle guys, on three." "One, two, three, Mega Posters Unite." F-off, you fucks!

This is the funnest thing about some of you Mega Poster fucks, is you bag on the new guys that can probably out fish any one of you fucks and would probably open his front door, share a meal and an after dinner drink with you and put you on fish the following morning. Only to get stabbed in the back when you hurry home to post your next fucking oh so dearest lame TR and rip on the same new guy for being an asshole because he couldn't fish, smoke, tie, drink, eat, look, walk, run, net, row, pack, build a fire, talk, photograph, or capture the essence of the moment quite as good as some of you with the all mighty higher then God complex and huge ego's some of you have here. Fuck, get over yourselves, it's boring, been boring and continues to be boring. Mega Posters like you, are all the same, it will never change under the guise of pretend names and the beer balls behind the screen of a computer. It's so predictable and the new guys you all despise and hate, are the same guys you've become / are becoming. So STFU and GTFO. You are not a better fly fisherman because you have MPES (Mega Post Ego Syndrome). In fact, get your ass off the fucking couch and computer and do a little fishing, you fucks. BTW keep getting your fucking post counts up, it makes your dick look way bigger then the new guys dicks. You know what they say, "big hands = big post counts." F-off!

I would venture to say, if you are suffering from MPES and showed up at a new members real campfire with your fucking attitude as you share here, I would suspect most of you would be put in check real quick. Then again, it probably wouldn't be noticed until after the new member put you on fish and shared an uncorked new bottle of bourbon and a fine cigar with you. Who wants to share a campfire, TR's , cigar's or a bottle of whiskey with such pompous, ignorant, know it all, knuckleheads, let alone a god damn web campfire. Just keep shouting MPES rules, because it's loud and fucking clear around here. BTW get your post count up you fucks, it will help you catch more fish! F-OFF.

If you take a step back and look at yourselves who respond to the new members, you really sound like a bunch of cock suckers. For what reason? Not everyone lives in an area where they can walk out of their back door to the stream and catch a fucking 20" brown trout. Why the fuck do you think people come around here, to see just that and dream a little while working in a major metropolitan city that does not allow the affordability to travel to far off destinations, helicopter flights and no crowds. But if I get my post count up, I'm certain riches will behold me soon. How the fuck is one to attain such a major accomplishment in life of thousands and thousands of posts, when they are told STFU and listen. F-you!

In all types of professions, hobbies and sports there is a learning curve, have some respect/patients for others who are trying to achieve the same satisfaction and gratification as you Mega Fucking Posters purport to have and remind yourself, you too started at post #1. F-off

You're the same guys that bag on guys who don't conform to the Drake dress code. God forbid someone be seen with a major retail outlet store hat on and Jeeezzz you thought the world was coming to an end. In the same breath, you were the same type of guys when you first started out, looking to purchase decent gear and shopped at the same retail stores as new members find themselves shopping at until they later learn what they like or dislike.

If you want a secret web society, then privatize your forum and charge a fee to your membership, that way all you Mega Fucking Posters can verbally jerk each other off and feel better about your post counts.

The tribal edleres of the Mega Post Ego Society have reconvened over the holidays and have concluded the the current practice of placing fucking Darke graffiti stickers on forest sings, park benches, bathroom walls and highway signs is completely unacceptable. But fishing in costumes, is to remain status quo.

For all you really bitchin guys with the thousands and thousands of post, just remember where you came from the next time you point your finger at the new guys.

Oh BTW, how does one learn the secret handshake from guys suffering from MPES? NEVER MIND!

I'll gladly, GTFO because I was NTFIFO
I'm just trying to get my post count up. What's your favorite 5 wt ??
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By austrotard
I read this and threw a $100 note on the fire just so you couldn't have it.

I had no idea plastic went up that quick. nawesome.

I've told you.

I've told everyone...

I am the suck.

[attachment=0]austrotard intro.jpg[/attachment]

now rub my belly just a little bit lower.

no. lower.
austrotard intro.jpg
austrotard intro.jpg (57.97 KiB) Viewed 840 times
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By SageBrush
Time for a little Retro to cleanse the palate.

or just because before Walrus....there was Drake Betty

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