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By Ruddy Duck
The concept of "Mega Posters" was sooooo ahead of its time. It perhaps laid the foundation for future "Instagram Influencers".

Sad this dilemma is no longer applicable as there is no line of newbs at the gate begging to be judged.

The plastic snap thingy on my Drake hat cracked on Sunday. I'm going to repair it. Somehow. I'm thinking epoxy or JB Weld. I don't know. I could go the tape route, but the inevitable exposed tape will pull out my hair. It's my favorite hat, and while significantly worn, displays a mere fraction of the bacteria that was on Begnaud's UA hat prior to its disappearance.

But where's my Drake sticker at?
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By stillsteamin
sometimes when im about to go back and forth on the internet with someone i barely know or don't know at all, I think for a minute and then just stfu before I make an ass of myself.


if mtice wants to post 9,999 different versions of the same drivel, fine. I deal with sensible people whose most vivid conversations revolve around the weather from 9-5 every day, sometimes it's nice to read a bit of nonsense from someone who clearly doesn't give a shit what anybody thinks. I wish he'd write a book, I'd read that before I read another collection of short stories from a new age trout bum copy machine talking about the concentric rise forms of trout.

Is this another one of those drake's dead threads? I've never understood the debate. If you care, check out instagram. It's got that fresh content you're looking for.
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By LA Fly Guy
The Wandering Blues wrote: Thu Jun 13, 2019 2:54 pm Mitch is actually April Vokey posing as Mitch.
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By yard4sale
Despite steaming pile’s assertion I’ve both camped and fished with seawwwwwwn. I’ve also fished with April a couple times.

One wore muck boots, threw out an easy 100’ and caught a nice wild fish on a dry fly right away.

One threw a skagit head with 10’ of T14 and a lead eye intruder into 4’ of water and promptly lost his entire rig(to the running line) in the first run of the day.

Some do. Some post online.

Steaming, if you want a seawwwwwwwn book go back and read his 30,0000 posts. If that’s not enough check yourself into rehab.
ha ha ha... never let the truth get in the way of a good story, mate.
and remember, we've already established your integrity... and by your own words, dude... (jfc. really?)

so... what did we replace it with? did we perish? were there bears?
thankfully you had an entire system for me to fish with.
let's go with that, shall we?
so what was it?
and did I steal it?

by the by, if you want your 10' floating head back it's here.
I would be more than happy to send it back to you as I have replaced it since. you can sing for the four feet of tippet.

but go on, please tell me the entire rig I lost.
and then I'll (most likely) find the rig and the post where you contradict yourself again.
you know, that post where you describe how much of a useless twat I was.

really, man.
you're not doing yourself any 'innernet seen-to-be' fucking favours here.
you're full of equivocating shit at best.

it is so fucking strange how you are what you claim to despise.
and that being 'blatant fucking liars' in case you forgot what we were talking about.

enjoy your wee fucking world, dude.
for it fits you well.
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By -G-
I know the mtice is serious when I don’t have to
austrotard wrote: Mon Jun 06, 2016 9:41 pm get the retarded kid up the road to translate but I can't understand a fucking word he says either.
His words, not mine.

A pro of 30,000 posts, if you will.
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By fishskibum
the tard dude posted 4.20 per day
which re lates but maybe nots e lates
and the 2fisher .03
less sure seems moars lates
fishskibum wrote: Fri Jun 14, 2019 9:01 am the tard dude posted 4.20 per day
which re lates but maybe nots e lates
and the 2fisher .03
less sure seems moars lates


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