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austrotard wrote:downunder is austria and that other place is called land of the wrong white crowd (or some shit.)

that's like saying you're going to the great white north and then going to ohio.

just typing.
You all look & sound the same to us. :coffee
This says a lot about the characters and character of Drakians.
Returning home from my trip,I jumped on the board to peruse the new threads. I ran across the Who's Pat thread and it was interesting to read everyone's take on this place. Not to be sappy like my friend Kyle,but if you filter the water in this cesspool, what remains is a bunch of guys more than willing to give you a place to crash during your travels,a seat in the bow,and are happy to row your ass around on their home waters......... ... =1&t=24028

[report]Peetso - good call. Really good call. Unfortunately, it takes something like this to drag me out of the shadows these days. I hope to change that soon. Please forgive the shameless self promotion but here are two TR's that really stand out in my mind for so many reasons. First, both show the magic of The Suck – generosity, selflessness, giving, boosting the next generation and just plain good karma (think Lando). Second, they remind me of a time before grad school, a time when fishing was a regularity, not a one-off event. And, thirdly, they remind me of some of the most important things in life.

Now that I'm done with school, I can get back to more time on the water with the boy and those old friends I used to fish with who no longer know what I look like. Between a full-time job, a family and a research-focused masters program, I might as well have been in a witness protection program.

Felt really, really good to nail this last month…


Where was I…right, throwback Thur.

Image ... =3&t=20873

Lando brings it.

Image ... =3&t=21190

Lando brings it again, even bigger.

Enjoy. I know I did.

Peetso, hope this was what you were looking for in this thread…

Kylemc wrote:I miss BRA
Me too, good times! :cool
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