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[report]Bob White illustrated the chapter headers with a Tarpon Fly...

I got it framed the other day.

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Here's a look....[/report]
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Just ordered mine today. From the looks of the forecast the sitting by the fire , book reading season has begun around here.
Looking forward to this one...thanks for all your work gents! :cool
[report]well ya can't judge a book by its cover


oh, and there is hope for some of ya'll

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By Oldog
Have not been around in a long time.

Good to see great things still come from the Suk.

Can't wait to read it ?
Y'all should be getting those books any day now... Sales have been brisk and when the money finds its way to me (late Jan) I'll be cutting a check for the BFTT. This is my first time publishing a book and using CreatSpace/Amazon so I wasn't sure how the whole thing would work out. The book is sold on the Direct link, where a greater portion of the sales go to the fund, and it is now listed with Amazon as well (the said that could take up to two weeks, but maybe that was just for the "look inside" feature) and they take a greater portion of the sale.

Anyway, once you get your book, help us out by posting a review on the Amazon page... ... co+returns

Thanks for your support!

In the spirit of all things Drakian - "Where's My fucking book?" (you see Nemo, you're not the only guy that gets this) .. ok actually I checked the package tracking and it should arrive today. Can't wait.
It came in yesterday afternoon, much nicer than I expected. The book I'm planning is going to be a bunch of loose leaf paper with a staple in the corner.
Great job on putting this together, Thanks WB!
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