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By Sakonnet
pxatim wrote:I'll be up Friday hopefully around 5-6 PM depending on traffic.

Need lodging or a floor to crash on or campsite.

Possibly bringing a lurker friend depending on his schedule.
Friday we may have to do a repeat of last year and get 7 people into one room or just crash in the car at the jetty. Saturday-Monday I've got a room reserved - I waited too long to make the reservation hoping to hear back from some others.

I'm checking out the Cross Sound Ferry to come over from New England. $52 across LI Sound > 6-7 hours of I95/I495.

If I don't hear back by this Monday from anyone needing a ride to a NYC airport Monday 10/6 in the evening, I'm booking the ferry roundtrip and avoiding the NYC/Connecticut mess althogether.
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By fallen513
We will possibly have some floorspace in exchange for beer, blow & hookers, in that order.

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from reading this, i want in next year. that way i can buy all new gear. and some of that uv glue stuff i cant afford for the tieflys.
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By fallen513
Don't do it. Trust me. This trip was more expensive than the last two. Never enough. This go round the fish are silly thick! We will see how it turns out, big blow starting upon our arrival...
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By vaku
Of course I wish you boys the best of success and a great fishing weekend. So with that said, I hate all of you.
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By pxatim
fallen513 wrote:We will possibly have some floorspace in exchange for beer, blow & hookers, in that order.
Done... let me know what you want.

Prepared to just crash in the car and fish all day/night also if it's on.

Driving up solo. This week is going to drag... gotta hit the fly shop at lunch today then full on fly tie production mode starting tonight. I'm depleted on everything.
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By chicago
I may have a spare 6x3 piece of rental carpet in my room, too...but Fallen's room will have more beer.
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By Sakonnet
Bring korkers and plenty of beer.
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By fallen513
Four to six ain't even sporty Jigga man. That's stand up paddleboard shit. See you soon.
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By unskunkable
I know you guys are seeing some shitty conditions but I need to see some more pics. Either here or on CrackBook, I don't care!
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By Sakonnet
unskunkable wrote:I know you guys are seeing some shitty conditions...
You got that right. 4-7 with occasional larger breakers. Fish were on the bite today though. Wind was absolutely killer. Sunday looking about the same and Monday should improve a little bit.
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