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By MTgrayling
There is an exquisite irony in phishing on a flyfishing website, but knock the shit off.

Guys; is not youtube

If you can post videos that are not corrupted, do the bodkin thing.
By John Stewart
My friend Tom taught me a thing or two about fishing.

Anybody who tells you that it isn't a numbers game is lying to you.

Most of the guides take you out in drift boats. They take you down the West Branch or Main Stem, in search of mighty brown trout. Trout bigger than 20 inches, sipping dry flies on top.

You catch one or two fish in the 20+ range in an afternoon, tops.

Maybe a few more in the 18+ class.

What if I told you, that if you had the discipline to leave those fish alone, I could get you in to 50 fish, easy, in my one man pontoon?

If you're uncomfortable sitting on my lap during our trip, you can run down the bank and follow me that way until I drop anchor.

I'll show you the spots, since you're the paying client.

Water less than 3 inches deep holds the most fish. Shallow riffles that drift boats can't access.

Tom and I whacked 50 of these in water that didn't even get our boots wet, while the drift boats washed by without even noticing our amazing success.... probably because the fish didn't bend our rod tips, which thankfully helped to keep our fishing secret.
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By pbrstreetgang
Yeah, this crap is not even funny anymore. It's sad. Like when you take your kids for a walk and your three year old daughter finds a dead baby bird partially smashed and dried on pavement. You just don't know what to say, because she really doesn't understand the situation, and however you wish to choose to explain things - there will not be the full understanding you truly want to convey.

That's how I feel when I see your posts. I just cannot believe someone as dumb as your created online persona appears to be can actually make it through a day without severely injuring yourself and causing mass chaos in the process.

again - please reminds your parents to replace their smoke alarm batteries.
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By locogringo
John Stewart wrote: If you're uncomfortable sitting on my lap during our trip, you can run down the bank and follow me that way until I drop anchor.
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By Redchaser
just fuck right off already
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By Sakonnet

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Back to the scissor thread if you are going to post stuff on here. the guide shit plain sucked. badly.
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By Walter
Can I send you some batteries so when we watch your shitty videos we don't have to listen to your smoke alarms beeping?

You suck.
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