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By austrotard
[i][b]in the early mornin' rain with a dollar in my hand,

with an aching in my heart and my pockets full of shit.[/b]


eat at joe's.

eat dicks at joe's.
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By austrotard
looking for a property lawyer (as one does) I came across a listing for legal aid.
if one wants to laugh oneself silly, to the point of near-trouser pissing, read the reviews from the folk who'd used legal aid.

as judas said to the roman rentboy 'fuck me running... people are daft.'
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By austrotard
warnings (all good incidents deserve good warning):

one month:
the twelfth

two months:
the (fucking) glorious twelfth

some are the religious. some shoot the pheasant.
one does love the schmitch. as all do.

march on!
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By austrotard
the jesus maths rule

let's take today's population and express that as a number.
now take that number and place it to the odds of 'to one'.


x= seven fucking billion to one or 7000000000/1

those are the odds of:

A: something looking out for just you
A: you knowing the absolute truth about anything not directly involved with you
A: and you knowing exactly what goes through my head.

∴ x = if you actually had met a million people just like me surely one of them would've had the good grace to end your life.

tomorrow's lesson: your self-importance converted to a pun-intended fraction.
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