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By V Wake
Y'all may remember a 5 minute video on here called "Doc of the Drakes" from 2011. If not, look it up. I loved that video, from the perspective of both an angler and a therapist. As I sat here today studying for my boards, reviewing treatment approaches for degenerative conditions, I remembered that vid and did a Google search to see if I could find any other videos of the duo. I got lucky. Here's another one from the following year. I love this stuff. The range of emotions the video triggers is silly. Doc, Pete... if y'all ever read this, thanks for the inspiration! -Knox

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By Bobwhite
The Wandering Blues wrote:That's what's noblest and best right there.
I couldn't agree more.

The Doc is the reason Lisa and I have our daughter, Tommy.

Even in this final chapter, he finds ways to give something of himself; to inspire and guide others.

Well worth the watch.
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By ironman
Hit 'em again Doc! Greatness.

Good luck on your boards.
By FineCutSnuff
Yup... Worth every second. Thanks, Knox.

My favorite line: "Shit happens" (rarely has someone said more, or offered such perspective, with only 2 words).

....And utmost respect to Pete. He gets bonus points for the sling shot cast that landed right on the button.
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By Hogleg
That'll bring up a tear feeling.
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By Snagly
Both Pete and Doc are fighters. You couldn't ask for anything more than a shot at Elvis, either.

Nicely shot and edited, too.:cool
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By befuddled
Man, as I sat there, taking a somewhat painful and dry, non-alcohol induced shit, spitting Skoal into a frozen apple juice cylinder, I thought to myself "Self, you should really fish with V-Wake before you both drink yourselves to this point of mental degradation".


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