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By Lando
July 30-August 2.

Trout Creek Campground group site has been reserved. Plenty of room, all the facilities, and bring whatever floats.

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checking vacation dates....
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By Ajax
Looks good for me. Whatever floats = Fishcat?
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By Hogleg
I'm in.
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By austrotard
if you can remember to drown a hooker early wednesday morning you will have no floating problis.
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By befuddled
I'm going to be in western Co for a wedding. So damn close...comparatively
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By Average Joe
Hogleg wrote:I'm in.
I'm in as well. Just need to find a semi-reasonable flight to someplace nearby.
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By Spicytuna
A slim to none maybe here.

things are rolling quite a bit better for me this year, will be a last minute call for me but i will do my best
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By B.M. Barrelcooker
I've been workin on airfare today....just might make this one.

I want to see how you cowboys roll.
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By _9er
Hoping to make this... carp slut in tow...
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By K_P
I haven't been there since the White Devil made an appearance, latched himself onto me, followed me home and made a pass at my 16 year old daughter.

Maybe it's time I get over it and show up again. I'll have the prettiest drifboat in town, unless that bastard Bob White shows up. :lol:
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