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By fishskibum
ifin it aint broke
gooberfuckin shit up
will fix it
is there a revert option
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By Hogleg
Congratulations, it looks exactly like every other shitty internet forum now.

Generic and full of annoying ads between posts.

Where do I find the button to pay for a subscription so I can become a "Lifetime" or "Senior" member and thus get a bigger avatard and a fancy banner beneath my screen name?
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Ads between posts. I have enough problems trying to figure it out.
Other than that minute thing, and it ain't nothing but a thing
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By TX.
preview.JPG (20.46 KiB) Viewed 1474 times

I tried to preview two pictures.
Then just posted.
Then removed the pictures and tried to post.
Then gave up.
Other than that, it's working fine on Firefox updated.

(It let me preview this post).
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By yard4sale
No fucking way I post a TR so some ad can sit in the middle. I have never seen a BB with ads like this. Given the super low post count per day I'm surprised you went for this money grab. Solid work killing whats left of the beast....
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By Spicytuna
right on the add blocker deal actually worked.
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By Mr. Don
Spicytuna wrote:right on the add blocker deal actually worked.
Not just here either. Blocks adds everywhere. :cheer
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By cornholio
Something needs to be done about the body of the post and the sig lines. It's hard as fuck to tell them apart.
Then add the ads in the middle of the's a clusterfuck.
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By Ruddy Duck
On my phone (mobile version I suppose), it doesn't show the thread originator. Only the person who made the last post. This is annoying.

Also no link back to the forum at the bottom of threads.

It's hard to tell the difference between the posts and the poster's sig line.
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