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By Wannabee
Three years ago I started planning a trip to Belize with a few of my besties for my 40th birthday. A bucket list trip for me since I started pretending to be a fly fisherman 5 years ago. 6 months prior to the trip when we were getting serious about locking down dates, accommodations, etc. one of the main cogs in the trip found out that his 40 year old beautiful wife, best friend, and mother of 4 had Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer. Needless to say, we all forgot about the trip and spent the next year and a half joining their fight. Sadly, that fight ended a year and a half ago.

Fast forward to last fall, the subject of our trip was resurrected and we finally locked down dates, plans and accommodations. And although all of the players changed except for me and my buddy referenced above, our trip has finally arrived. He and I and 2 other chums leave tomorrow for Belize for 3 days on the water with El Pescador, and most importantly a short spell escaping reality.

Unless the forecast of "Scattered Strong to Extremely Strong Thunderstorms" delays our travel tomorrow, we will be wheels up at 1pm and will be sipping rum and Belikins while knocking off some casting rust by 4pm with sand between our toes.

Hoping there will be an epic trip report to follow some time next week. Catching fish will only be a bonus.........
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By Shufisher
Reef Runner wrote:
(And if you lose or break any of my shit you can just click on these ads above to replace it)
That's so yesterday...try to keep up!
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By Shufisher
And since these thingies are timeless.

By steelhound
Have a great trip. I'll be looking forward to seeing how it goes.
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By nicklenuts
I stayed down the beach from EP, I loved it. There's a great dive there called the Palapa bar - all the ex pats hang out in there. A must visit. Conch fritters, fresh coconut juice, rum, and Belikins await. Also, I highly recommend the shark + ray snorkle, as well as the sea turtle park. Depending on the wind a snorkle at the reef can be absolutely fucking amazing. Get some local cigars from downtown as well.

Best of luck on the slam.
By chadroc
all my thoughts prayers and good will go to you and your buddy. may this be memorable and therapeutic for you fellas. i hope you can update this thread with the details of what i hope for you both is just a remarkable thing.

blessings from my area, man. all the best.
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By Wannabee
we made it back after a cancelled flight from Belize City. My liver and entire body did not need an extra night there, but we made the best of it. The trip was awesome. Everything we had hoped for. One of our boats had an epic morning the last day where there were 3 doubles on permit and 8 to hand before 9am. My buddy and I were not part of that experience. Except for the ear fucking we took for the rest of our time together.

Full trip report with pics to follow when I get caught up and have time.
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