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By Hogleg
Ramcatt wrote: EARN IT
Preach brother, preach.

I'm whichya.
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By Ramcatt
SLSS wrote:
Rammers- you're getting grumpy way before you're old.
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By yard4sale
Send them a tarp...
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By bullship
We discussed this past weekend the finer points of Porno Mike starting a kickstarter so's he can stay home and do man shit at the house, (such as lawn care, burning shit, and repairing broken things)without his old lady giving him the 'get a job' talk. Seems worthy, but that's just one man's opinion. If we put a gopro on him we'd be fucking millionaires.
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By peetso
I like it . . . not necessarily these projects in particular, but the idea of it.

Like a modern day system of patronage, where benefactors can help causes, projects,etc. that they support, so people can do cool shit . . . and if you ain't into it don't send them cash . . . nice and simple really.
Gofundme, and Kickstarter are revolutionizing funding for scientific research, especially in shark science where they're not considered a very "commercially viable" species. Tons of money goes towards tuna research, because in the right market a single fish can bring in a cool 1/2 million. Sharks, not so much. I understand your animosity towards the hippy van tribes, but not all "handouts" are created equal.
CarelessEthiopian wrote:I'm still waiting for my rexfly.

Rammers, can we get some links to the precious little snowflakes you mentioned? I feel like I need to judge someone right now.
Heres one ... ntary.html

I posted a comment on the chum about these losers needing to get a job instead of having people pay for their fishing vacation. Bastards moderated it. As the chum does with any comment I make
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would that be the[ line winder/cleaner thing? I had to turn that off after I saw where it was going
but I could really get behind this z axis
I think a gofund to make a Z Axis cookbook makes more sense than most of that shit.

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