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By Redchaser

The pictures below were taken by both Lurgee and I. He took all the purdy ones with sunrises and cast nets.

Lurgee met me for some fishing Sunday morning.

We met at our usual spot at about 6am and got ice and snadwiches. Lurgee didn’t get a B.L.T. this time so he didn’t have to throw tomato out along the highway as usual. We got to the launch and were ready to roll by safe light (ok it was a little before safe light and I don’t have running lights on the boat, but whatever).
The wind was already stiffer out of the north than the 5-10mph that was forecast, weathermen are fucking liars.

We made the long run south and entering the marsh boats were piled up and anchored with their occupants cast netting. “The shrimp are running in the marsh right now, that usually means the fish will school up” I told Justin.

We passed this and a couple of more shit shows of boats stacked up on each other and got to the flat we wanted to fish.

Justin was pretty quick to get on the board.
It took us a while to find more fish, but slowly but surely we scraped together a decent catch..
As we were pushing into the entrance of a pond, Justin added a new term the flats fishing lexicon. Most people that have done any amount of fishing from the front of a poling skiff are familiar with the terms “fish at 9 o’clock”, “30 feet at 12 o’clock” etc. Justin however created a new designation of spatial relations. The new term is “Right fucking there”. “Right fucking there” translates to “fish at 12 O’clock, 4 feet from the boat, and it’s a big one”.
The “right fucking there” fish probably weighed a little over 10 pounds, he was pretty and bright and coppery, he also went absolutely ape shit when I brought him in the boat, and in his thrashing managed to break Justin’s brand new Sage “Salt” 8 weight. This was the first trip Justin brought the rod on. The last time Justin brought a new rod to Louisiana it was a “Sage One” that he broke off on a redfish from a pier. The lesson is, don’t bring fancy new rods to Louisiana.

After that we went looking for schooling fish. Justin loves schooling fish, I think they are ok, but kind of a pain in the ass. We found some big schools of nice fish and put our 2 biggest fish of the day in the boat.
Landing mine I high sticked it like a dumbass and we had our second casualty of the day, my TFO TICR snapped in the second section.

Don't be like Highsticking Me

On the ride back the wind was blowing out of the north at 897 miles per hour and we had to run directly into it with 74 foot seas. Ok not exactly but it was rough and sucked. Still the day was worthwhile, we caught fish and we broke shit.[/report]
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By davesnothere
:cool ? Were you able to piece together a frakenrod from the parts
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By root wad
As always, a true pleasure.
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By yard4sale
I think somebody put a spey grip on your single hander...

Cool to see the different shades of bronze between those fish. Sure would like to give that a go someday.
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By TX.
"When I say under your rod, I mean UNDER YOUR FUCKING ROD!!! Not thirty feet out!"

Nice report...again Ron, I'm starting to miss those bastards.
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By Fishwater

As soon as the baby starts sleeping at night, I'll pull the skiff over.
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By Redchaser
davesnothere wrote::cool ? Were you able to piece together a frakenrod from the parts
I had one other rod in the boat to keep us in business. I shipped my TFO off today, usually if I send it out on Monday I'll have it back by Friday because T.F.O. rocks.
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By Bobwhite
Dang, brother! You two had a great day... regardless of the troubles.


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