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By blumpkin

Think there is some Shlappen in there. It's going to the river mouth either way.[/report]
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By ironman
austrotard wrote:someone should tell scott p.
Schlappen is made of foam?

No shit!....
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By Bobwhite
I love to tie with Schlappen.

I'm in!

Photos to follow...
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By blumpkin

Outstanding Bob.

augustwest sent me a care package a few yesterdaze ago that contained the red feather. Gonna head on down the A1A tomorrow listening to some tuneage that aw also turned me on to. There I am going to hang some Shlappen infused fly ties off the roots of the exact mangroves in the pic above at a State run snook penitentiary.

So I've got that going for me...
Which is nice.
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By yard4sale
Schlap my bitch up!
By chadroc
that penitentiary looks damn good from my vantage point. glad to see you here. glad you are going there.
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