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By Mike Honcho
Back by unpopular demand. Need 20/25 people. 6 flies. YOU ship flies to winner. Flies must be tied with hate and lack of interest.

1. Overbrook
2. Tuna
3. Austrian
4. Pxatim
5. Steelhound
6. Ben
7. Redchaser
8. Rootwad
9. Madmike
10. Randel Dee
11. Skullion Child
12. Hogleg
13. Big guy
14. Stratabass
15. Dunk
16. Carpe
17. Ironman
18. Yard 4
19. Greenbavk
20. Don
21. Brownsville
22. Da ax
23. Deadweastern
24. The fuk
25. MH
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By Spicytuna
In with some shitty san juans
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By yard4sale
I got $20 on the niners. Been a rough year but home field advantage and all.
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By Da Ax
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By overbrook
Thnx Honcho.....I'll never win, but it makes the game more interesting. :cheer
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By Redchaser
In with some salty stuff
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By root wad
Mine are done. Just need to know which fish the eventual winner is going to attempt to catch.
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By Mad_Mike
Ive still got flies to tie for another swap....

Fuck it.. I'm in...

Panthers for the win... Keep Poundin'
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