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By yard4sale
Count me in for both so long as orange Gatorade counts as red.
yard4sale wrote:Count me in for both so long as orange Gatorade counts as red.
No no no, what the hell, u must declare orange or red homie.
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By yard4sale
Ha! I suck at gambling.

I'll take orange and in for the pool.

True story:
In summer of '93 I did a 2month road trip. Turned 18 halfway through. On the way back to Cali we were running short of cash when we hit Reno.

No problem. I just turned 18, lets it some slots. Empty the ashtray into a Baggie and head in. 15 minutes later I hit the jackpot on a nickel machine. Lights and sirens go off, people start to gather. It's too big for the machine to pay out. Guy comes over.
Congratulations. Can I see some ID sir?
No problem!
Sorry sir, I'm going to have to ask you to leave.
What? Fuck you!

No food but we had enough left for gas.
You can both be in and save the Mandingo fighting for the next bake. We can take 4 more chumps, or we can roll with 20, And I'll sit it out.
Tres mas, also parlee with Gatorade color, orange, green, blue and yellow taken. Red still looks hot, maybe purple or even white?
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