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By thriesta
Sorry to hear, Mitch.

I couldn't imagine what it would be like to keep a straight face
around the kids.

I absolutely lost it when my five year old lab Madison died of
cancer. Just kept thinking how I waited to get this dog for so
long (had the name picked out years before), and how unfair
it was that she was only around for five years.

But, on the bright side - those were five great years with a
great dog.

Sip poured, just try and remember the good times and all
the stupid shit that Rochester did - you'll laugh instead of

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By Saltan
Total shithouse mate, hearty sip poured.
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By flashback
So sorry to hear, each time I lose a dog a piece of my heart goes with it.
Labs are so special, their love of kids and water is amazing.
Always wanted to have one take me hunting.
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By Float Rod

I am so very sorry for your very sorry.

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your Family.
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By austrotard
quite a few people have stopped by today. most with flowers for elizabeth.
one fella brought some stuffed dogs. we cried every time.

at half four this afternoon I met with what seemed to be the entire council of the shire at the park.
they expressed their regret and asked elizabeth where she would like a small plaque placed. she chose the obstacle course. he could do all of the course bar the one where the dog runs weaving between the poles... he could never get his head around that, the big doofus.

I laminated a photo and zip tied it to the fence. I also left his baby.
I managed to keep it together until the end. there wasn't much to say so we were there for all of twenty minutes.
elizabeth cried from the start. part of me questions taking her back there today but I feel it was helpful.
the birthday girl doesn't really understand. and of course she wasn't there to witness the tragedy.
she has asked if we could get a cat. I said no.

I saw the water corp working around the drain down from us. leaving my two girls with the councillors I went and had a quick chat.
they had remote control cameras running the pipe length of the park. he was not found in that stretch but they informed me that it branches to the left into the road drainage. they are working into the night. I'll have a drive down in a minute.
I'm not very hopeful he will be found. but if he is I will have him cremated.

after our meeting/memorial I dropped the girls at home and went here...


this is where I used to walk him. I did the circuit solo and had to have a few breaks. I also had to stop at the truck.
I'm thankful no one passing me by asked what was wrong. I've wept so much I've given myself a backache along with a headache.
it comes and it goes. every time I think it's the last it isn't.
I thought today would be better. it wasn't.
I thought I was harder than this. I'm not.

my missus found his papers tonight and I have enquired with the breeders about getting another lab. a black one. named benson.
all in good time, mind.
I'm not in any great rush. and even if I was I don't exactly have the readies at this very minute.


he was so lovely and gentle.
I honestly couldn't have treated him any better. he'd been everywhere with me.
but he liked the park the best.

I'd like to thank you all for your support through here and the private messages.
it has been an enormous help.
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By fatman
it's what we do, buddy

looking forward to meeting Benson

but Rochester will be missed

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By fishskibum
the power of a creature that'd bring a man to tears
over a god raised by another man who i aint even sure limes me
is a hellofa a power
godspeed rochester on his journey over the rainbow bridge
and prayers of strength and perserverence as you lead your pack through times of sorrow
it's probaby way to early but ifin someone starts one of them gits them skin kids a new fur kid fund me thing
i'm in for $4.20
and i'll double it if ya gits a newf.
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By The_Fuk
I can't find the words to express my sorrow for your loss and your daughter's very sad experience.

Bless you all.
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By yard4sale
Sounds like you are starting the recovery process. Stay strong for the girls buddy.
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By Ruddy Duck
Praying for you and your family.

He was given a wonderful life by those who loved him. I'm sorry to hear he is gone.

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