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By fishskibum

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[report]the better 1/2 has a large tight polish catholic family

The mrs. dad Rich passed away from a heart attack a couple winters ago

i miss the guy, he had the ability to fix remodel build or engineer bout anything and a work ethic my slacker ass sadly aspires to.

stoked i got to float him down the snake fore he left us

Since then we've referred to her mom her sister and richs sister as the holy trinirty

well the neices hs graduation wifes bday ment they were comin to town

been buggin them to get the flaming g on with us


went up early and floated a quick A before the showed up

celebrated the mrs, b day with dinner and a red canyon sunset



powers that be decided somes erdanghered snot nosed humped back minner needed a spring flood to better procreate

not that i dont think it does wonders for the fishery and river health wwiw

and not that the aspect of a 5 hour inlaw float being condensed by half was a bummers

or the majority of the one manned trying to row kick or fish captain of their own craft crew being outgunned and absent

8680 both bypass barrels bitches


my bro came along despite the well the first couple days of high water aint never fished great warning and if ya gets em it'll probably be a heavily weighted big bobbers slut rig

rented a raft and after a safety briefing for them or 2 or 10 for us set out


got sum new sticks as the mrs. isn't happy with 10 1/2 foot counter balanced clunkers

switch over to row sum rubbers or toss sum junk outta the back of the raft


follow me and i'll eddy out before steamboat rapid if ya don't wanna run it

and no anchoring or pullin over in this flow cleat it well knifes on the rod tube

well next thing i know the wifes not eddying out up along shore oar outta the lock fuckin with the anchor in panic mode screaming

thanfully she took the get the fuckin oar back in get your shit togather and row intructions and the 10 1/2 year old geriatric god 2 senior citizens whose life skills dont include swimmin and a boat full of most of the gear i own manged to

straighten up and catch the wave bump off the largest boat eater in the river

the mrs. and i help pull some people and a raft off that rock and helped out a ducky drama situation last time we floated high water

so i'm thankin the karma dogs and sweets baby jeebus for the trips oh shit moment being somethin they'll laugh about

after a bloody mary and reiteration of safeties briefin we rowed down to the small hole, took a small one over the bow

for a bonus

Toph and i decide to take their let us buy your b shuttle bonus offer

woulda been better if the shuttle people didn't show up an hour early all sad puppy dog eyed and me being a sucker for not making another senior citizen sit in the heat for an hour

ment way more shit than needed endin up in the boat

took the slut rigs all off about 1 cast to score a fatty bow who wont be makin an e apperrance due to either bad fish handling poor rowing or photography probably the trinity of fail

did gets a few brownies 2 eat

not that the photography improved much


found one of the river shrines


left a shot o jag and the reninants of a luau lei for blessings received


when the fishin gets tough

the tough ask for a divine intervention or stronger brew


fly retrieval skills were honed


the fruitations of friends labors were consumed.


topher wants to know why my god aint in the mag


cause i don't pimp him or i hards nuffs he's worthy though

hes gots a bad tumor growin on his eye gonna try n cut it off this week

if ya got a spare goddy prayer or positive healins vibes toss it his way got the trinty of holiness and the rest of his fam hopin positives prognosis for hims i just savor the bonus years and every rodeos he's still ridin in

1st rule of groover duty

if your gonna shit in the woods scenicshitsmatter


and when jj sings songs of riversboats listen


ate well celebrated hard till it was sunday a day of rigthtousness

slept well and dreamt of hogs my present level of bummery is gonna make hard to aquire


awoke n went to morning mass


loaded up


scouted safely



n sent er



in memory of father in law

and the pretty good not bad creedo[/report]
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By ironman
This was a fun read. Thanks for the ride.

And cheers to your late FIL. :cool
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By fatman
good healin' sent for the furkid, sounds like y'all remembered the FIL well :smile
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By austrotard
nearly had to get the retarded kid up the road to translate but I can't understand a fucking word he says either.
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By flatscaster
i enjoyed the pictures and the tunes. I'll say you have a way with words maybe? Prayers for the dog. I got that and a few lines at the top breaking down the family tree but after that it gets muddy. Was there some sort of near disaster?

in seriousness, thanks for the trip and good on you for treating your sundry in laws to a float.
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Awesomeness. :cool

"the trinity of fail" -----<and I love that.
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By Bruiser
Nice one Dibs.

And to Kessler :cool
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