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By yard4sale
TX. wrote:Sort the food out.
He's fucking British, not Austrian, he just lives there.
Boil some meat for a day, he'll be good.
On it
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By Spicytuna
austrotard wrote:bring more tweed.
Should have let me know man
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By yard4sale
austrotard wrote:bring more tweed.
I'm not sure Tard understands how the concept of legal tweed works...
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By pbrstreetgang
AJ's unknown caller phone number went straight to my "churches and solicitors" setting on my phone, so I just got the VMs today.

I am terrible. In weekend other news, I watched a saffa shit himself on a 17lb brown truut.

Hope Mitch will shit himself likewise this go around.
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By yard4sale
Live look in on the boys campfire.
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No wonder he needs more...
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By Average Joe
I left Drake Camp at 7:00 AM this morning.

Didn't have a chance to say goodbye to anyone, because they were all still sleeping.

Made it home a bit after 8:00 PM.

Only stopped for gas.

The last time Mitch was here, he never ate.

Throughout that trip, I assumed he lacked an appetite because he was ill.

He came down with a mild version of the plague again on this trip, but it did not affect his desire for food.

Turns out he just hates my cooking.

He is however quite fond of twenty ounce cappuccinos.

With two sugars.

Provided they're made by someone other than me.

Or him.

Should either of us ever be invited to another bake, do not put us in charge of the coffee.

Mitch is quite fond of Caesar salads.

He ordered one nearly every place we stopped.

He often received a large bowl of disappointment instead.

Mitch has a curious habit of washing his clothes in the river.


PBR refused to take our calls.

Can't say I blame him.

Ironman took all of our calls.

Something I'm sure he regrets.

It started raining the moment we entered Oregon.

And it never stopped.

I let Mitch use one of my scotch glasses.

He kept it.

He said the cc would replace it.

I've my doubts about that.

My truck reeks of cigarettes and tweed.

We never did find Heero.

There's much more to tell, but I need another drink or three.

And perhaps a bit of sleep.
By Heero[CntRmbrPwd]
I was waiting at the airport for days, Joe, until it came time for my return flight. You guys never came to pick me up. :cry:
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By Lando
I never got a call...........
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a big bowl of dissapointment
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