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By augustwest
One of our lot has fallen on hard times due to a serious substance abuse problem. He will be a guest of the state for a few months, including the holiday season.

Ahead of Christmas we will send him some items that hopefully will, in the words of a fellow drakian, "remind him of something that once meant a lot to him." A few weeks ago I sent him some Drake back issues (yes, apparently there is a magazine) and in the process I learned that the rules are mind-bendingly strict regarding sending letters, books, magazines, etc. So I will figure out what else to send him and coordinate everything in the next couple of weeks.

If you want to make a small contribution you can send it to me via paypal, PM me for details. We can't send him a large volume of items, so the maximum I'm willing to accept is $20 per person. He's not going to know who contributed, all he'll know is that the miscreants of the Drake are pulling for him to beat his addiction, which only he can do.

I would appreciate it if we could refrain from commentary regarding the identity of the individual, helpful suggestions of what to send him, etc. Thanks.
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By austrotard
I've accidentally glued this shopping bag to my nose and now I have to go to hostible.

I'll do what I do best.
throw wonga at it. pm sent.
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By befuddled
You insensitive fuck.

He can never use that bag again now they've cut it off.
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By MaineDrifter
Fantastic news, you have mail.
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By austrotard
one of us.
all of us.

fucking drake.
rock fucking solid drake.

all right.
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By jerms
PM forthcoming.

Good onya'.
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By woolly bugger
There but for the grace of Dog, go I
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By vaku
woolly bugger wrote:There but for the grace of Dog, go I
Goes all of us Woolly.... One wrong turn and who knows where we can end up. How many times did it turn out ok instead of awful? Any one who can't toss in $10 doesn't really get it.
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By Streamer
Been there. Scary hard place. I'm in.
Yer Pal,
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By Kfoxwyo
I am in, and with so under several identities. Good on ya and we all need help in this cruel cruel world.
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By befuddled
Streamer wrote:Been there. Scary hard place. I'm in.
Yer Pal,
May he have your success, sincerely. Your annual internet note to your imaginary friends are more inspirational than you will ever realize.
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