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By MTgrayling
austrotard wrote:I've accidentally glued this shopping bag to my nose and now I have to go to hostible.

I'll do what I do best.
throw wonga at it. pm sent.
Pro tip: babies love to play with plastic bags, so much so they get all quiet.

Throw my petrol wonga at this thing...
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By austrotard
penance bump for lonely ass chrimbo.
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By fallen513
I'd just as soon send a gram of the elephant tranqs.
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By fallen513
Send him Bob Dylan's Christmas, and that's it.
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By trouthound
wheres my "crowd fund"

I have two kids and a mortgage!!

wonga sent.
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By TX.
[report]Let's take this up a notch.


Here is a fly that was tied by someone that I consider to be a "life friend".
I never, ever had any intention of letting this fly leave my immediate family.
It means a lot to me, and it was tied by one of our own.
It was a tough decision to do this...
BUT, I am willing for this cause to relinquish it for a minimum bid of $100 Sepo.
It is holiday time and I know everybody's funds are tight. But I also know some of you don't blink an eye at that kinda dough...Not for something like this.
This is important for us to help a brother in arms. I've tied (hundreds of) thousands of flies and could never do something like this.
I'm calling the winner on December 31st at midnight.
Bid here or via PM to me.
Winning bid can be sent to Augustwest via this original post and I will ship on my dime (except for Shawn). Winner is the one whose PP money shows up.
...and yes, I've donated.
Whatcha got fuckers?
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By TX.
trouthound wrote:wheres my "crowd fund"

I have two kids and a mortgage!!

wonga sent.
I have four kids and two mortgages...not by choice mind.
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By Kfoxwyo
TX. Good on ya. If its ok with Joe - he was very specific - I am in at $100.00. I'd ask that if I were to win to gift that to our brother in arms if you were ok with that? Sort of a show of faith,
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By Spicytuna
Stupid Koreans

I didn't even get a chance to see this thread till today.
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By Kfoxwyo
Had not had my coffee this morning "joe" was a miss use of a word.. my offer still stands if accepted and if other want to raise funds, more the fun.
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By Stovetop
Good idea August and TX!

My brother went through a similar deal as "One of Us" and it took bottoming out while incarcerated to get him right. The support he received after correction has helped him be sober for 17 years now.

I have an LL Bean Fiberglass 8' 6# 2Pc just gathering dust. Good condition. CUSTOM PVC rod tube and no rod sock.

First $60 buys it and I'll pay shipping. Paypal or check. PM for address(s).
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