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By fishskibum
If there was a procrastinating oylmpics
I'd find a way to miss the qualifiers
i was gonna invite ya to go fishin
but then i got ......
its a holy day for the bakers
and im in for a spring get my tail in the water bake sesh
might as well give er a shot and throw sums gives in the taken from this place ive done
choices are less infrastructure low keyed camping self shuttles with Kemmerer or big piney being amenities within an hour choices
or a utarded dutch john base complete with multiple flyshops and lodging choices and bucu fish per milages
rock springs is in the middle ifin you haz wonga, beads n bobbers or other things you can have the local talented tweekers pole floozies
pull off your nose from sniffers row of the peeler bar
both have a res with poopfish possiblities
utard gots some white water but ive seen the Ethiopian cat row it backwards with one oar so it aints that gnar
the river of the prairie hen has no whiteh20 way less fish per mile and amenity lovin tightliners
and would be my no brainer preference
unless were gonna do a multi day floater that could turn into a chocolate milk booze cruise after red creek
ive gots the drifties, a full framed raft, a scrandon captain of your own toon and a couple sups
and plenty of extra camping gear
be happy to host a few
ill probaly roll up hump day and it would financially behoove me to be back for my mononofuckinfunday the 24th
other than helpin with ligistics and a desire to share my local knowledge on one these 2 waterways
the 1st meeting of safeties concerns is on me
and bruisers my choice for cso
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By Spicytuna
I have been very fortunate with your hospitality. I can attest you have given on this board.

I really like this idea.

I am headed to Thirllbilly's neck of the woods late march so that might make it kinda tough to run another trip before my fish out and Bass-n-Fly in June.

April seems to be wide open as of now and I am very interested. Iffin I do make a thing out of it I can bring boats.

I will stay in this and hopefully I can swing something even if its just a quick trip.
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By Bruiser
I am a longshot but will do my best. Might have a family trip. Make it annual - that river is so juicy. :cool
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By fallen513
Usually busy trying to break world record last week of April but I love UT and would love to meet yinz.... we'll see.
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By Hogleg
This deal here seems like tailor-made destiny for the pots trailer. I'm gonna try to make it work. If so I'll come heavy with everything we need for preparing group meals. I can roll with 5 including myself so all you boys souf of me or whoever can make it to my local airport me are welcome to do what we've done before. You know the deal. Pretty sure we could put a raft on top of the pots trailer if we had too but we ain't launching it that way.

All things being equal my vote is for the more remote, less well known, amenity (and po-po) void area that doesn't have the predictably unpredictable mud machine in the middle of it.

Utard creeps me out.
Would be fun as hell to hang out and burn for a few days with the likes of you fellas. But pretty much from April until end of August though, I'll be wandering around the woods of SE AK with an electrofisher zapping the shit outta little cohos. Perhaps a late summer/early fall Get Baked Bake? Preferably somewhere west of the continental divide?
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By Hogleg

Here's a hint, or clue, about the date. I have faith that you can figure it out if you consider the title of this thread along with FSB's initial musings and post. You can do it Willi, you can do it:

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