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By Average Joe
Hogleg wrote:This deal here seems like tailor-made destiny for the pots trailer. I'm gonna try to make it work. If so I'll come heavy with everything we need for preparing group meals...
... and a living room's worth of old furniture to burn.
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By Hogleg
CarelessEthiopian wrote:This is doable. Let's do the northern, upstream spot. Hog, can you put a stinger on your camper so we can tow my trailer behind?
Negative. Frame/bumper/load rating will not accommodate.
By Willi
Hogleg wrote:Willi,

Here's a hint, or clue, about the date. I have faith that you can figure it out if you consider the title of this thread along with FSB's initial musings and post. You can do it Willi, you can do it:
Thanks for having faith in me!!!

I'm interested if you guys aren't afraid of me drowning! :lol:

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By Bruiser
I will do my best and will have my boat if I make it. It would be a "fishing frame" rather than "whitewater frame and everything bag" trip yes?

I'm even more dense than Willi - but my tipoff was the Pots Trailer.
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By Hogleg
I've turned in my schedule request. Should hear back on that approval in the next week or two. If it gets approved I'll roll up there heavy with the pots trailer and all that.

If FSB, Willi, Bruiser, Londa et al aren't gonna make it then we should just bake closer to home and you can just give me a hand job in the truck like usual.

Win win for me either way.
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By Greenback
This could work for me and my raft.

Willi - Lando and I kept you in the boat once despite your best efforts to take a swim in the ditch. Pretty sure we can do it again if necessary.
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