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By Transylwader
Who the fuck are you, Cynically Mine? Expose yourself, or is it unbandito your poes?
Anywho, as you know (or maybe you're like me and really don't care a fuck), I am from Africa.
Remind yourself: #youarenotcynicallymine
And if I know you, please unfuck yourself and try again.
Jou dubbel velepte ma se moer :gun
By Willi
No not time. Personally, I'm still around because of the friends I've made here.

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By slavetotheflyrod
I'm gonna use the Trump card here and claim responsibility for this and the other.

I'll return in a fortnight and sort the rest out.
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By Spicytuna
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By Da Ax
This might help you...

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By Redchaser
Willi wrote:No not time. Personally, I'm still around because of the friends I've made here.

I'm here because of the friends Willi has made too.
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By BigTimber
I'm here for the bishes
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By -G-
On a lighter note, the general discussion doesn't feel quite as homey without a dumpster fire burning :Roll Eyes
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By kish
I was going to name my first-born son Chad, but now I'm rethinking it. Thanks for fucking that up.
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By pbrstreetgang
Glista wrote:Shit! You guys all have such great reasons for sticking around. Am I the only guy here that sticks around because he is a loser?
I am only here because of I guess I am a bigger loser, yeah?
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By K_P
Some questions:

1) So you're leaving. Fine. Why the evangelical zeal to get others to leave too? Are you afraid you'll be all alone, or is it that you might be wrong if others don't also leave?

2) Why won't you reveal who you really are? The secrecy is positively killing me!

3) Why didn't I get a nasty pm too? I think I'm offended, but actually I'm not sure about that.

4) Why trash Lando, and indirectly his daughter, for the name she was given?

Actually, fuck numbers 1 through 3. That you brought Kenya into the mix tells me all I need to know about you. Leave, take your small mind with you, and learn to be a better man. Seriously. You are no one I want to know.
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