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By 421sd
[report]Some good musical tastes on here. Let’s go a little deeper. Post nearly any genre, rock, country, jazz, classical, lounge, blues, etc. — anything but pop of course. Whatever it is, you damn sure won’t hear it on the radio. Some examples to get it rolling:

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By 421sd

I love listening to this wild-ass band/orchestra — admittedly an acquired taste....

Billy Cobham — one of the greatest drummers no one has ever heard of.

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By Dirtfilth

If you're into the classical/bluegrass fusion stuff

Grew up with this dude, saw that he played locally but never really listened to him till the other day.

Cowboy did some work with Duane Allman, not sure if he was actually in the studio for the whole album.

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By kish
This popped up on Slacker Alt Country. Feist? Wasn't she some one hit wonder from 15 years ago? Turned out to be awesome.

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By Lurgee
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