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Re: Intro

Post by FormerlyChaseChrome » Sun Apr 30, 2017 10:40 am

Well alright then...
'cept for your choice of piss...

I dig that you've been mauled...least the chicks would dig that story.
Try not to be a Crispy-cnut


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Re: Intro

Post by fallen513 » Sun Apr 30, 2017 11:18 am

Yep. Way to not fuck it up.

About your Shrek/mutant middle finger though...
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Re: Intro

Post by DizzyDean » Sun Apr 30, 2017 10:26 pm

FknA Bruce, wait a few days for us slackers. Other then that, looks good to me.
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Re: Intro

Post by TX. » Sun Apr 30, 2017 10:38 pm

Wait, what?
A real intro?
Well you still have to get through Bob.
Get him a drink, put a log on the fire, and sit in the corner.
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Re: Intro

Post by BigTimber » Mon May 01, 2017 7:10 am

seems like you already know everything and have enough friends, so why are you here?
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Re: Intro

Post by slapshot » Mon May 01, 2017 8:32 am

I was hoping for more smallies, you know, fish that actually matter. Instead I had to see all those silver things from cold water. :cool
I usually drop em in the grass and then fish out another cast or two while I wait for them to get tired enough to hold still - that way you can actually tell how long they are against the rod. - JT

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Easy Skankin
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Re: Intro

Post by Easy Skankin » Mon May 01, 2017 8:42 am

I do this with all of my sharpie markers. grab me a Keystone Light and come on in :cool
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Re: Intro

Post by RaZ » Mon May 01, 2017 8:48 am

sara jean is mine. you leave her the fuck alone hippie
"Then let us know how that goes, you smug motherfucker"

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Re: Intro

Post by Woolybug25 » Mon May 01, 2017 10:18 am

slapshot wrote:
Mon May 01, 2017 8:32 am
I was hoping for more smallies, you know, fish that actually matter. Instead I had to see all those silver things from cold water. :cool
Smalljaw Lives Matter

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Re: Intro

Post by pbrstreetgang » Mon May 01, 2017 12:09 pm

slapshot wrote:
Mon May 01, 2017 8:32 am
I was hoping for more smallies, you know, fish that actually matter. Instead I had to see all those silver things from cold water. :cool
I'm torn on this statement...
Everybody knows this is nowhere...

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Re: Intro

Post by Spicytuna » Mon May 01, 2017 4:54 pm

Those Stripey Bastards from my neck of the woods??

Right on man bout time this place got new blood.
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Re: Intro

Post by Transylwader » Mon May 01, 2017 5:00 pm

No gar. GTFO.
I do like them strippers, but are they real ones or the exiled white saffa kind who only dip in freshie?
I like this intro vurry much, but no gar means no gar :gun
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