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By tom
I've seen some people mention hunting and I was wondering who here is into it?I hunt ducks, geese, partridge and woodcock with some deer and a little turkey.
By Surly
Tom said woodcock...
By Fisheypants
I hunt some upland, waterfowl, deer and elk. Big game ended here the other day but there are still birds around. Have not shot that many birds this year but I have killed more species than ever before: gadwall, wigeon, pintail, canvasback, mallard, teal, buffelhead, phesant, ruffed and spruce grouse, hungarian partridge, and some honkers. Usually don't see that kind of variety of waterfowl. I have yet to get a snow goose and I think they all left the state so maybe next year.
By tom
cool...and i was talking about the bird, not a 14th century pleasuring device.
By coolconman
I hunt deer, elk, waterfowl, grouse, coyotes, and tourists. Although last couple years its been deer and elk only. I also chase beaver on a regular basis :cheer: , but am not nearly as successfull as I wish I was.connor
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By Nemo
Here's your huntin' rig, tom (All the way from Luisiana): Image
By tom
That is very funny! :( :cool:
By caddis
I hunt almost everything that is huntable where ever I'm at. Also trapping when possible, if fur is any good. I do alot of shooting of different types, bullet casting, reloading etc. But, just about my most favorite thing, is using dries on grayling.
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By Smithhammer
Originally posted by caddis:n But, just about my most favorite thing, is using dries on grayling.
Just about the most guilty I've ever come to feeling while fishing was the day I used the same raggedy #14 caddis to sucker grayling from sunup to sunset. Good thing I'm a recovered Catholic who now realizes guilt can be really fun. Image
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By creeklover
I'm a bird hunter....quail, ducks, dove, etc. Duck hunting down here is very shitty. We just don't get the birds or they show up in Feb. I hunt deer also. When you live in a state where there is more deer than people, you might as well. I'd rather bird hunt though. And to all you snowbirds...I wet waded the other day. :cool:
By tom
creeklover-what type of bird is that on your ava....wait um picture under your name that your pup is holding?I've wanted to get into trapping about a month after my dad sold all his traps/stretchers/etc. thinking about getting into it.nothing like catching a fly with something you tied from something you shot :roll:

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