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By Ursus
Before making your contribution of pie and boobies, ask yourself "does this look more like my wife, or more like my daughter"? Most of the recent contributions look like they came from the archives of Sex Offenders R Us. Come on guys - this is a respectable place.
By Salty
I've got to agree with both of you. B&P was fun, but we really need to come up with a new initiation, this one is just getting lame
By Geezer
Even though I have played a small part, I will get totally behind this. It's getting old fast.
By Vlad d'Impaler
Well, since I'm one of the FNG's that crossed the line, I would like to offer a possible substitute for the worn out P&B offering.What about Pie and Chips????? Image One still gets their Pie.... and the Chip X-Factor could be interesting...
By chuffer
I was going to speak up and say something similar to this. However, given my contribution to the death of the original thread and my declining popularity here I figured I'd just keep my mouth shut. Since Ursus and Hammer already said it though, I agree wholeheartedly - it's gotten very old. Especially tiresome is the fact that most of the people screaming [/img]et in the kitchen n00b" weren't even around to see the original thread. chuff

<small>[ October 21, 2006, 11:53 PM: Message edited by: chuffer ]</small>
By EggSuckinLeech
I'm one of the new [/img]uys" . Actually been playing incognito dick because of how the shit talk gets me down and I didn't want to deal with how the shitheads address almost any of the women except Ursus. I fish, I'm a gal. The trash talk here sucks. There is some funnny stuff here though. I don't even mind the occasional B&P. I offered it to try and play along, but....It seems this board is more about B&P and trashing women than fishing. I'm proud to say that of my friends that I see posting here, they've been funny and racey, but not shitheads. Sorry guys for sneaking in like that. I thought maybe I could pull off playing one of the guys, but I can't. Its been 6 days since I went fishing and I'm cranky and shakey. Watch it. Ms Egg Suckin Leechn OutaTheCloset!!!
By Geezer
Welcome, twice leech
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By GStyler
I don't care what the initiation is as long as the noobs play along.Boobies are certainly hard to beat.
By Brookwookie
I don't understand why any sort of lame initiation is necessary at all. And yeah, all the [/img]it in the kitchen" shit is tedious.
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