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By Shufisher
Since the first 5000 threads are missing (big loss there) and this board is running like a steroid driven Marion Jones, I thought it would be a good time to post some pics.Our gracious host and his jet boat at Mack's Canyon. ImageThis is one hell of a ride, and beats the shit out of rowing...go ahead, argue that point!View from the bow
ImageStarboard view ImagePort view ImageA very comfortable camp awaited, our humble abode. Image n With a fresh hatchery fish waiting to fill our gullets. Image n I good nights sleep aided by some good Scotch (or did we go cheap?), we were ready to hit the river.I don't care who you are, the Deschutes is stunning. Image
By Jackie Treehorn
i'm guessing you lost my number...thanks asshole
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By Shufisher
It was now time to break out the Spey rods. n Mark, our gracious host, made it look easy. ImageAfter my first several attempts (think monkey and football) I was ready to join this fella. ImageHe netted 4 fish in the 10 minutes we watched him. It looked a lot like cheating.After a couple of days, I finally started to get the feel for this game, this has got to be the dumbest chrome dome on the planet. ImageKnowing how my so called freinds like to chop my head off I insisted on a portrait shot. Imagen All in all, a great trip and a hell of a learning experience. Steelheading in Texas typically ain't worth a shit. Looks like another trip is in order, Spey casting to redfish might get you shot at down here.
By Fishpaw
Cool. So when you troll with a fly rod you place it upside down in the holder?
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By Ajax
Very nice. I watched a two-fister on the Manistee a while back. Guy made it look easy.
By chuffer
Fuckin' sweet man. I've never had the opportunity to ride the river in high style on a jet boat. Now, since it looks like we're moving to Colorado I guess I'm outta luck. Nice work pulling a couple of chromers out of the water.
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By Golden
#96997 netting legal up there? Is that considered commercial fishing? Seems like someone should take one of those long rods and shove it up his ass. ..and what happens to the wood platform do they dissassemble or does it end up being drift wood? I don't know anything about spey rods, is the whole idea longer rod farther cast, or does it help with the current? The fish don't look that big so it can't be necessary to fight the fish. TxFly has a 14 wt. two hander and was showing me how to make 120' casts acouple years ago, but then again he does that with a 9' six weight too.Beautiful scenery for sure. Boat reminds of the early sixties and the aluminum Lone Stars. Cool then and now.

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By Wingnut
Netting is allowed by Indians (feathers not Dots) only. Part of their culture and income.
By chuffer
Originally posted by Wingnut:n Netting is allowed by Indians (feathers not Dots) only. Part of their culture and income.
And for those that aren't aware, a rather large portion of the Deschutes runs through and/or borders on one side Warm Springs Reservation land.
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By banknote
[/img]ntruder" is definitely an apt name for that PT boat. i especially love it when i'm sternum deep, elbows up, and that fucker pushes a two foot wake at me cruising up river. not that he's the only one or even the biggest.sure fun when you're in 'em, though.
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