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By castingoutloud
one of my locals I stopped my on my way back from the ski hill.
Art imitates Life
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By Adams
Big water

Small water

Falling water

Home water
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By Adams
Biggest cutt we saw that trip came from under that cliff to take a look at a Renegade my wife was drifting over him. But no eat. That was at least four years ago, and I can still picture that fish as if it just happened.
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By P-A
Great pic cougarburn. Seems like a good place to be at.
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By P-A
Sometimes the old orvis cane looks like this insted of hanging in
its place in the rod wardrobe. Pure boo love.
Cane 2.jpg
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By cougarcockburn
more cliffy, moosee, wish-wash :cool happy friday doods!
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at it.jpg
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:cool :cool :cool :cool :cool :cool :cool :cheer :cool :cool :cool :cool :cool :cool :cool
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By striper42
Smithhammer wrote:
Adams wrote:Big water
Cloudy, summer day on the SF. Man, wish i was there right now. nice pic :cool

clear days aren't so bad either
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By Bad Fish
Figured I'd make my 1st post a fun one. I do love fishing in the winter.



Summertime Carp. Can't hardly wait.

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By Ginseng Sullivan
screw you humps with your big cliffs and even bigger browns. carp fishing noobs and sideways snow out the window and i could sucker punch the lot of you. been a long cold one up here and i'm to the point of getting a good bird pic is a thrill.

hope he pecks your eye out.

to better days

pygmy twylyte

almost in the sun

slightly bigger water
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