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By Bruiser
Great photos guys. I'm only posting my crappy picture here because there's two sets of eyeballs in the dark here:
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By fat tire
Bruiser wrote:Great photos guys. I'm only posting my crappy picture here because there's two sets of eyeballs in the dark here:
Whatever it is they are about to eat you.
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Always a beautiful sight after a long drive.

I love me some Cutts.

A good friend representing Teh Suck.
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By Bruiser
Great photos Striper.

Kyner may be famous now for dead stuff but.... I think I started the acronym DSFK... so Kyner you owe me a gigantic beer.
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By FlyFishNut
Saw this guy this morning while throwin a poppin bug around low hanging limbs, etc...

He was under a jet ski. Won't they be surprised. I hate jet skis...

One nice bass around 3lbs caught......

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By Sagittarius62
Yeah it's a day early. Sue me.
Lessons learned

My small water skills leave much to be desired, but there is this one little creek that keeps calling me.
Sure is a pretty place.
If you can locate this trunk, you will find several of my flies. Help yourself.
Under that wood is a bathtub about 30 inches deep. Which is about 3 times the depth of most of this stream. There has got to be a big one under there. I have zero evidence of this however. I was working my way upstream spooking every fish for miles, when I happened upon another angler about 200 yards from the road. He was on his way in. We talked for a few minutes, as we watched the opposite bank where about 15 feet of tree trunk lay in the water tight against, and parallel to the bank. Lo and behold we watched as what looked to be three fish started porpoising. I has just fished that log from downstream, and got one little bump that I convinced myself was a snag and nothing more. The dude said good luck and vanished back into the trees. Determined to either catch one of these fish, or send them screaming under the log, I rested the pool for a few more minutes, and watched them occasionally take something just under the surface. Crawling on my hands and knees into about 6 inches of water across and down from their locations I managed to get a couple good drifts. Nothing. I went further down stream, crossed and crept in behind them. Flipped the emerger over their heads, and still nothing. Amazingly, they started feeding again. Giving the river a wide berth, I got in position directly upstream, literally 8 feet above the log, and hid behind an overhanging bush. I fed line and let the fly drift through the feeding lane. Nada. Figuring at this point that I had driven these fish from their feeding station, and the game was over, I was about to pack it in and head home. What the hell, my fly is below them, I might as well strip it back to me. Moving the fly with tiny half inch strips, it takes a while to retrieve 15 feet. Was that a bump? Take! spit the hook. Well it's over now for sure, but I might as well finish the retrieve. Better bite this time. Got that little fucker. Landing the fish took all of 15 seconds, scrambling to get my camera out without lifting the fish out of the water, he got off, so no photo. Long story short, I stalked these fish for 45 minutes crawling and creeping through the brush, and for my troubles was rewarded with a whopping 5 inch wild brown. That little fish taught me more about small water fishing in 3/4 of an hour, than I have ever learned anywhere else. Thanks little guy. Keep eating and get nice and big, I'll be back.
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