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By TX.
DarkstarCrashes wrote:Very nice, I bet she can fish better than ole' Curtis.
Actually she did...and she let him know it...all day.
She kept ribbing him about his "Bakersville tarpon" that was a six inch horny head.
It was brutal.
He was very cool and a total stand up guy.
...And welcome on my boat anytime.
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By TX.
Redchaser wrote:
Guess what made these tracks
A pair of coyotes would be my guess.
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By Yard Sale
NICH wrote: Image
Montana 09 104.JPG
Montana 09 104.JPG (154.85 KiB) Viewed 629 times
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By Yard Sale
mompics 018.JPG
mompics 018.JPG (192.68 KiB) Viewed 525 times
chainy and fish 006.JPG
Norcal brown
chainy and fish 006.JPG (130.83 KiB) Viewed 525 times
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By P-A
cougarcockburn wrote:Nichfly[report]
[/report] :smile
Awsomeness in a pic!! Thats a cool looking predator cougar!!
:bow :cool
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By ncguy
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