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By P-A
Been a long time since i was in here, seems like all is buisness as usual. Cheers all of ya!!
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By Redchaser
School awards day today. Honor roll and the "Young Christian Award" which is the highest award given at her school (she goes to a Catholic School). Hell yes I'm proud.
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By davesnothere
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By NeedmoreDEET
Nice! The wide angle flattens out my stomach. Scenery doesn't hurt either. This trip might have rejuvenated the mojo - bagged a sight fished snook off the beach yesterday AM.
By BobLoblaw
Got out & bent the BVK...

Making do, whilst waiting for the mountain/foothills creeks to open in 10 days...

Maybe walleye snout is a delicacy amongst the local pike population???

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By mrl0004
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By Ramcatt
[report]white moth fishing last weekend


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By marlo
[report]Taking a road trip to another province on my "lunch break" I arrived to a familiar pool and watched as a 79 year old man I know only as "Hoggy" celebrated his birthday and landed a 40+ fish. All I could think is I hope I'm as lucky when that time in life comes for me. I sat for a bit and shot the shit then took my first and only pass through before hitting the road.
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Later that night
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Fiddleheads means it's springtime in the maritimes
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So we get out and enjoy
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From the same rock at supper we watched as mom and calf ventured through the muskeg. And I took a shitty picture.
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Big or small, I like topwater landing fish.
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I like small jaw fish better though.
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A few months back she started tying flies and decided she liked the simple old school trout and salmon flys best. She picked a plain pattern (bill's streamer) from a book and gave it a go.
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last week she caught her first fish on fly gear on her first tie
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We went to a wedding, stayed up too late , and drank too much. The next day she took me to a river from her childhood and told me to enjoy it.
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