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By Shane
Originally posted by Big Oil:n Best Thread this year!!! Germanbrown...what kind of fly is that you used to catch the pike? Just curious.
Dude, just look at his elbows. It's a Wiggle Minnow. Catches anything.n S
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By Ginseng Sullivan
great pics guys. i'm pretty sure that dolphin was caught on a wiggle minnow too. HENDRICKSON NYMPHn ImageMALE HENDRICKSON DUNn ImageFEMALE HENDRICKSON DUNn ImageFEMALE HENDRICKSON SPINNERn ImageImageImageImageImage
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By cabasturd
Superb pics. My shot making is not up to the same quality, but here are a couple of the better onces, sticking with the freshwater theme. Image ImageAnd one on the warmwater side. Image
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By FliesOnly
Image Image Image Image Image
By germanbrown
Image Image Image Image Image Image Image

<small>[ September 14, 2007, 05:01 PM: Message edited by: germanbrown ]</small>
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By Ginseng Sullivan
way to keep the ball rolling!flies man that be some killer native porn there my friend.Gb stunning as always and thanks to everyone else for sprucing up the freshwater area here.ImageImage
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