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After seeing that ginger midget n.emo, Leeo's exploding trousers, that delicious token sheila, wingo, uliwon (who never walked 500 miles), the back of chuffo's head and superranger keenonboys in every position imaginable I thought it's time to show our ugly mugs.
If you don't want to because you're in a Witness Protection program like rusty hook or you're that ugly you and Jimmy Nail were banished from Brazilian television or you're Irish, that's fine.
Don't post photos of other people because that's just really homosexual.
Like a rainbow.
whattexaswhomatthewyeswhat.jpg (148.32 KiB) Viewed 12976 times
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Don't let the photos fool you, inside I'm a gentle black man.
acting stupid at 14000+ ft...

brookie fishing

first snook on fly...
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